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Computer Technology And Teaching And Learning

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Life today is different from the old days; one's life is all integrated with the digital materials because of its’ usefulness that make one's life convenient and rich. People communicate using the Internet; they work, study, play and do anything, while digital materials grew up people behave different from non-digital generation that they will have a short attention span for what they are not interested. As consequence digital literacy became necessary to live in modern society, and computer technology is now integrated into teaching and learning. Computer technology is beneficial in education because it can increase the opportunity of learning, yet, at the same time the technology challenges teachers to teach students because the technology is new and developing that teachers are not very familiar, and also digital materials grow children to behave unprecedented that they do not suit conventional teaching style, hence teachers must understand well about the technology and find a new and better way to teach students.

Computer technology is beneficial for learning providing more opportunities to learn. Computer technology and it’s the Internet allows one to connect to other people who are at the different place, hence it allows one to learn in any place where it is wired. Accordingly, usage of technology can be used to make a better environment for learning. Especially for children who cannot go to school; they may live too far away from school or they cannot go to school for any other reasons, and for other children who want to study more than they can study with school materials. This idea is supported by Anastasia Goodstein, in her article Teaching the Teachers when she points out that “virtual schools have been a boon to home school students and Advance Placement (AP) students in rural areas where a school can’t afford to offer AP courses”(129). This shows that children are finding useful of technology for studying, in other words technology is giving more opportunity of learning for more people. In addition, technology is not only useful for children, it can be useful for the adults; it can be used for the people who could not go to school, or people who want to study over again. Furthermore, the Internet, and the Web itself can be a learning material which can be used as database for research; the place where people can get information to learn and study, in Mark Bauerlein’s article Online Literacy Is a Lesser Kind she notes that “Web is perfect for narrow, just-in-time learning of information nuggets” (3). This indicates that the Internet is really useful tool to find the information. Especially in modern society people are always connected to the Internet with their Smartphones, thus people are more likely to research using the Smartphones as a convenient learning tool, hence the Internet provides more opportunities of learning. In brief, computer technology and the Internet are very beneficial that provide more opportunity of learning...

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