Computer Utilization In Todays Society Essay

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Expert SystemsOut of the millions and possibly billions of people that utilize computers and the Internet daily, how many do you believe actually think about what goes into making the computer? I think probably not too many. I know I don’t. I’m one of those turn the computer on, do what I have to do and go on about my business. During this semester, I am also taking another course, Introduction to Philosophy. I have found out that I am now a logical thinker. I don’t either want to nor have the time to ask the questions “What is”, I just find myself being the type of person that thinks, “What is, is”. I don’t take the time to understand the process of where the information comes from or what it takes to get there. However, I will bet money on it, that if you ask any teenager, they are able to tell you just about anything you want to know about the computer. I know, I asked my fifteen-year-old daughter about some of the terms and applications that I learned about this semester, and I got that “are you stupid or what” stare. I am the Information Management Officer (IMO) for my office right now and am currently responsible for maintaining seven computers in my office and I hate the additional duty. The only thing that I do is add or update whatever our Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) tells me to do. However, this is a tedious job and I could find myself doing computer work all day everyday without even doing my normal job. They are always sending out some sort of message wanting me to update this or that. I am constantly calling them back or e-mailing them to ask exactly what it means that they want us to do. They use terms that they think we know all about and I am constantly telling them to put what they want us to do in “layman” terms and the bottom line is just tell us how to do it. In fact, they are telling us right now that at the beginning of next year, that we are going to be switching to a new Operating System called Vista. Now my question is, “What is wrong with the Operating System that we are using now”. Computer technology is such ever changing with new information coming out everyday. During these last eight weeks while taking Introduction to Information Systems, I have learned a lot about and I can actually understand some of the things that DOIM wants me to do with the computers. It guess it never occurred to me exactly how complex Information Systems are, but I have found out that their are many tools that are available to assist and to almost virtually ensure that your organization is a success. What I have learned ranges from the organization and managerial foundation of systems to the technical foundation for understanding systems. I also learned how Information Systems assist organizations by enhancing their business processes and management decision making and also how to build and manage their Information Systems. (Laudon xxv). There are many...

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