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Computerization And Technology Essay

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What would happen if we had never created computers and other electronic devices such as cellphones, laptops, gaming devices or mp3’s? Today’s efficiency, communication and leading industries would be a lot different. Computerization has helped everyday life to be the wonderful place it is today. But how has technology helped with efficiency?
Employees can save time by using the right computer software. Computers can save money if you use them right. Computers help all sorts of people do their jobs faster and more efficiently. Computers can recover the money spent on in no time at all. Some shops lose money by not using computers because computers cannot miscalculate. Laptops also help ...view middle of the document...

People can put their answers to questions online so anyone wanting to know the answer can see without extensive work. As with communication and efficiency, another important effect is on varieties of the industries.
Computers can manage quantity systems and make production more flexible. Today’s computers effect almost every occupation and industry in the United States economy. This can upgrade workers skills, because shifting flexibility among the production of many goods that differ greatly, and services require a higher trained work force. Computers rapidly changed industries more and more efficient at a fast rate. It is a lot faster to do things like going to the bank, shopping, filing applications or take care of government requirements such as a drivers license renewal or car registration online rather that going somewhere physically. Computers and internet have touched almost all aspects of life. It is rare to come across a business or household that does not experience routine of a computer in some shape or form. This makes computers and the internet widely accessible. Computers make the work place more efficient. Large cities report to have a larger share of employees working in technical positions, spent more capita, and reported fewer offices per capita than cities with lower computerization levels. Computers help police departments in larger cities by better organization and efficiency. For police agencies this might mean better administration, more effective service delivery, the quicker solution of crimes, and enhanced overall public safety. Police departments in large cities can still be organized and efficient due to computers. Due to computers all of the improved communication, efficiency and industries are expanding all over making improvements faster ant the world smarter and connected.
Computers can make industries more efficient by fast production changes and...

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