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Technology is a major asset to healthcare and without it our healthcare system would not be what it is today. With systems like the Computerized Physician Order Entry, patient safety is the number one priority. However, designing sophisticated software systems that only take the patient aspect into consideration can lead to unintentional errors for healthcare providers. In order to make recommendations for the future we need to understand what the Computerized Physician Order Entry does and the unintentional errors it causes.
Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) allows physicians to electronically enter their patients’ medical orders into the EHR. These orders can then be viewed by ...view middle of the document...

Patient safety is very important in healthcare and is a common goal throughout all healthcare systems. CPOE was designed with patient safety in mind but some unintentional errors arise on the nurses’ end when using the system. With sophisticated systems like CPOE nurses have to learn how the program works and the format for entering data. The skills needed to operate this system take time and also add to the stress of a nurses’ everyday workload. With large workloads and constant multitasking required by nurses juxtaposition errors are also being made. Another unintentional error of CPOE takes place during acute situations when the nurse receives a verbal order from the physician but is unable to act without the physician’s authorization. This error alone could cost a patient their life. As a result of unintentional errors, nurses dread using technology which leads them to find workarounds. Workarounds increase the risk of having potentially fatal consequences.
CPOE has made a positive impact on medication administration errors and patient safety. In order to improve this system and fix unintentional errors nurses’ face on the floor, it is important to also take a nurses workload into consideration. No one understands the workload...

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