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Computers And Tridimentional Printing Essay

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3D printing is the action of making a three dimensional object of any shape from a model made on the computer. A 3D printer is basically a robot, which lays down materials in different shapes. Chuck Hull made the first 3D printer in 1984; he created it in order to be able to prototype things in mass production and fast. The two ways to create 3D objects are subtractive manufacturing, which refers to drilling a shape out of a block of material while additive manufacturing, refers to adding layers of material in a sequence in order to make and object. An advantage of 3D printing is that one can make specially specific objects from different materials on command. The purpose of 3D printing can ...view middle of the document...

Also, 3D printing is sometimes used for the doctors to practice what will happen in the surgery room. Doctors used a 3D printed kidney containing cancer, the models are made specific for each patient so the doctor can model of the tumor. This would diminish the amount of failure to take the tumor out because the doctors would have prepared for it beforehand. Although implanting working organs printed by a 3D printer is far away, this has made a huge impact in the scientific community. Another example of how 3D printing is helping many people is that there is a rare disease where children are born but their lungs collapse, an airway splint was made to help the baby’s lungs not collapse. A 3D printer made this splint and it allowed the baby to survive.
Overall there are pros and cons to the subject of using 3D printing to help in medicine. One thing that is good about using it is that for example in implanting organs, people’s organs would not need to be taken out. This would lower the risk of people dying in surgery because there are also chances of a person dying as they are taking a certain organ out of their body. Also it would eliminate the amount of human errors that could happen in the process of making implants. When dental implants are made or brain implants...

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