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Year 10 General EnglishStudy Journal5) Discuss the codes and conventions that are used to construct representation of masculinity and femininity in at least one film poster you have studied this term.A film poster is used to advertise a film. All film posters normally include an image, a specially picked colour pallet to accompany the genre, camera angles and text. These all play a very valuable role in informing the viewer about the ideas put forward and also to encourage the viewer to go and see the film.Sinister was first released in 2012 and is classified as a theoretical poster. A theoretical poster is normally the final release of a film poster and this is meant to draw the audience in and grab their attention. Theoretical posters consist of a date, credits, the cast, a tagline, ratings and a title.The British Board Of Film Classification has rated this film MA15+; this immediately shows the viewer that the film is not suitable for young children under the age of 15. Therefore it could be suggested that the target audience for this film is males of the age 15+, this is because stereotypically males are more interested and likely to watch films with blood and action compared to females who'd rather watch a film that includes romance.The main selling point for this film is the main image, which is the demon-like figure, which is equally disturbing and terrifying. The image itself denotes a pair of angry demonic eyes juxtaposed with the tagline, ``once you see him nothing can save you'' which creates a very horrific and fearful feeling. An eye level camera angle has been used to show the demonic eyes it looking directly straight at the audiences' eyes, which evokes a sense uncertainty from the viewer. The image is also drawn by blood, as it seems to be coming from the victim's hands which symbolically represents murder and torture and her involvement in this activity and that she is trying to walk away from it.One idea suggested by this image is that this girl is challenging traditional notions of being a teenager. The way the girl is standing with her face towards the wall signifies that she may have done something wrong and this also may signify her lack of identity and also the fact that she may be searching for a sense of acceptance or sense of purpose. The fact that she's in her pajamas may indicate that she could be in a mental institute as white pajamas are often a form of uniform given to patients so that they are easily identifiable this suggests that she may be struggling with some kind of mental health issue which further illustrates her search for acceptance and belonging. Pajamas creates an image that she is sleep walking and not truly engaging in what she is doing linking to the idea that she is possessed. The fact she is wearing pajamas may also indicate she's done something wrong during the night; this further emphasizes fear and vulnerability.From this poster it is quite clear that the genre of the film is horror, the horror...

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760 words - 4 pages 3. Implementation of cloud computing in Small – Medium Enterprise (SME) Small, medium enterprise is an organization or cross-organizational entity performing within a specific business scope and mission. Business operations in an enterprise environment are heavily influenced by dynamic patterns of collaboration and are associated with different levels of accountability. This requires information integration across the management processes

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3648 words - 15 pages IntroductionWith the fast growth of process, success of the Internet and the storage technologies, computing resources befall low-priced, very powerfully also much ubiquitously accessible than earlier. This technological tendency permited comprehension of a latest computing model known as cloud computing, where by resources (storage and CPU) offered as general utilities which can be leased and released by consumers over the internet in an on

Cloud Computing

1666 words - 7 pages purchase the equipment. When this is the case, an organization will choose to migrate their network infrastructure to a cloud computing environment. Cloud computing allows for a company to implement a large scale network without having to incur expenses for modifying the building infrastructure. Cloud computing can offer three services; infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS). A firm’s needs in

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3321 words - 13 pages Cloud computing can be defined as: “a variety of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real-time communication network such as the Internet.” Our understanding of cloud computing is distributed computing over a network with the ability to run a program or application on many connected computers at the same time. From our research we can describe Cloud computing as both a platform and a type of

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2200 words - 9 pages general information. Each person had to be there own computers, figuring out what is the fastest and most efficient way to access needed information and consolidates that into something they could use. As the human species moved through the 20th century, we moved away from that old way of personal computation and started using technology to boost our productivity allowing for world to be connected like never before. Personal computing power has

Quantum Computing

1108 words - 5 pages One of the first questions that comes to mind for the viability of quantum computing “Why do we need it?”. Well to understand the why we have to delve into “How does it work? And does this work give us a benefit well beyond our current capabilities with classical supercomputers. To answer these questions we have to know “Why classical computing will not fit our needs in to the future and why can we not improve upon it?”. Classical computers

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1806 words - 7 pages Cloud Computing is considered the latest buzzword in computing today. It describes a form of computing wherein services are accessed through the Internet on an as needed or pay-per-use basis. Some aspect of cloud computing is in use on a regular basis. Understanding this technology, its benefits, and underlying security risks are important for people in most of today’s technical areas. Because Cloud computing is still considered to be in

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1089 words - 5 pages value of a bit in computing is determined by the electrical charge being passed through the bit; 0 being the absence and 1 being the presence. The bits are physically represented each by their own transistor; when used in combined computation, logical statements can be used. The rate at which bits are switched in a cycle per second is the clock rate; the faster the clock rate the more computations that can be done per second. According to Hagar

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792 words - 4 pages cause computer clouding to be very dangerous. Although, there are advantages to cloud computers in education. The cloud platform can appeal to both the students and the instructors. Cloud computing will help improve the effectiveness of learning and a full use of education accessibility. To learn new objects that are needed to reuses resources and create a new course is creating a cloud computing platforms. This contains four layers of the

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1266 words - 6 pages Monitoring Patient Vital Signs Monitoring patients with vital signs using mobile computing technology had substantial growth for physicians. They are able to access information, resources and people at the right time and place. What is so essential about mobile computing is the feature of the healthcare delivery. Faster communication between the patients, wards, clinics, laboratories, operating theaters and offices are very important

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1370 words - 5 pages In an attempt to improve the integration of wireless computing, educators and policymakers are reevaluating ways to incorporate technology tools into the grade level performance standards without separating the two educational standards (Collins & Halverson, 2009; Weston & Bain, 2010). Presently, students and teachers at the rural school district under review have the ability to transmit information through wireless technological resources

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1135 words - 5 pages Cloud Computing is the idea or concept of accessing scalable (able to be expanded) technology-enabled services using the Internet instead of a personal computer or an office server. Some of first movers in cloud computing includes which introduced the idea of delivering applications through a simple website, Amazon with its Amazon Web Service, and Google Docs

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1438 words - 6 pages Cloud computing services provide a multitude of benefits for businesses of every size. Cloud computing services offer “flexible computing power and data storage, as well as data management, messaging, payment and other services that can be used together or individually (Laudon 2014). The list of benefits is long and varied. Cloud computing services are universal. Anyone and everyone can use the system. Cloud computing is cost effective

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1669 words - 7 pages 1. Cloud Computing Cloud computing is becoming one of the key words of the IT industry. The cloud is a metaphor for the Internet or infrastructure of communication between the architectural components, based on an abstraction that hides the complexity of infrastructure. Each part of this infrastructure is provided as a service and they are normally allocated in data centres, using hardware shared computing and storage (Buyya et al. 2009b). To

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1357 words - 6 pages The Information Technology (IT) industry has always been structured in a manner that enhances improvement on its services and computing powers with minimal infrastructural acquisition, personnel training, or licensing new software (Knorr and Gruman, 2011). One technology that has been employed in the achievement of this endeavor is the use and creation of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a term that was coined as a metaphor representing the