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Computing Technology Industry Association A Report About The Company And The Industry

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Computing Technology Industry Association, more commonly known as CompTIA, is known as a leader of the information technology (IT) industry. CompTIA was started in 1982 by a company called Association of Better Computer Dealers Inc. which is a group of many different Information Technology companies. CompTIA offers certification exams and jobs in the IT industry such as the A Plus certification, Network Plus exam, Server Plus, Linux Plus, and Security Plus as well as many others. CompTIA is also the chair of an organization called Initiative for Software Choice (ISC). This organization was founded by Microsoft and strives to have many different software markets competing at the same time without government interference. It is very difficult to obtain work in the Computer Engineering or Information Technology field without CompTIA certification.The CompTIA A+ exam is the best known of all the exams. This exam demonstrates competency as a computer technician, which should be the base knowledge when going into any field in the Computer Engineering or Information Technology career paths. The exam questions are based on Microsoft Windows operating systems, which previous exams also covered MS-DOS operating systems. The CompTIA A+ certification exam was created in 1993 and three versions have been created since then. The 2003 test differs greatly from the 2006 exam in ways such as; the 2003 exam consists of many different topics such as; IRQs, direct memory access, and practical computer repair, including the installation and repair of hard drives, modems, network cards, CPUs, power supplies, printers, and so forth. The 2003 exam has two mandatory parts to it which are hardware and software, now there are currently four tests and you get to pick which of the job based tests you would like to take, the A Plus Essentials which everyone must take and pass, and then three advanced exams which one must be passed to become certified. The three advanced tests are; A Plus 220-602 which if passed will certify anyone to become an IT technician, the A Plus 220-603 which if passed will certify you for a Remote Technician job, and the A Plus 220-604 which will certify someone to become a Depot Technician. The points for the test are 900 and to pass you need 675 points to pass. The exam costs $168 for the each exam unless you are a member of CompTIA. The exam is computer based and composed of 100 multiple choice questions, of which there may be more than one correct answer. Since the exam has been in existence over 800,000 people have successfully passed the exam and received certification. The A+ exam is normally intended for information technology professionals who have the equivalent of 500 hours of hands on experience. Ways to study for the exam are to take practice questions, read the different A Plus certification books and so on. The A+ exam is known as the introductory exam when attempting to receive certification.The Network Plus Certification exam tests...

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