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Concealed Beauty Essay

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Magazines highlight beautiful women, with perfect skin, big, bold eyes, and perfect bodies. Their lasting effect has left impressions on millions of young girls to mirror the façade of perfection. Freshman year, I would sneak into my mother’s bathroom to attempt to resemble these women despite her disapproval. But with wearing make-up, impurities soon began to develop (along with the effects of puberty). As I grow older and witness how women everywhere continue to have severe skin problems, I ponder is the make-up the problem?
Make-up has become a necessity for women to enhance their appearance around the world. Foundation is the building block of a woman’s make-up routine. The wise ...view middle of the document...

Mineral make-up is more beneficial for skin than normal liquid, cream, and powder foundations when used with a proper skin care regimen because of the benefits of skin protection, ease of application, and natural appearance.
Unlike many other foundations, mineral powder foundation is not harmful to the skin. Liquid and cream foundations foster microbes in the water, fragrance, and oil. According to Shelley Levitt’s WebMD article, “The Lowdown on Mineral Make-up” companies attempt to prevent the spread of bacteria through the addition of preservatives. [Mineral make-up] doesn't have all the unnatural ingredients that regular foundations do and therefore can be worn everyday without having to worry about ruining the skin.” The absence of skin irritants and anti-inflammatory properties of powder foundation allow the skin to breathe and be calmed. The appearance of zits are often minimized too, especially for wearers with sensitive skin because mineral powder is non-comedogenic. Many mineral make-up brands also offer a sunscreen built into the foundation. Applying sunscreen underneath foundation results in clogging pores because of the natural oils. Dermatologist Chris Towrey of Faces explains how specifically, Bare Minerals provides up to SPF 25 by remaining on the surface of the skin to help scatter UV light and form a barrier to block harmful barriers and can clear up skin conditions because of the antiseptic properties of zinc oxide. Bare Minerals foundation serves as a natural sunscreen because the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in the foundation helps block UVA and UVB rays from the sun. The product has an SPF of 15, and is easy to reapply throughout the day. Many people neglect to reapply their sunscreen because they do not want to ruin their makeup by applying a lotion or cream over it. A powdered product like Bare Minerals foundation is a convenient way to protect your skin from the sun throughout the entire day.
Loose powder mineral makeup is...

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