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Strict gun laws do not lower crime rates in fact they increase crime, there has been numerous tests that back this up for every issue there are people that oppose the idea. There are studies that have proven without debate that states that have the most restricting gun laws have the highest crime rates. Studies show that states that adopt “shall issue laws” reduce murders by 8.5%, rapes by 5%, assault by 7% and robbery by 3%, which translates to 1570 murders, 4177 rapes, 60,000 aggravated assaults and 12,000 robberies (Lott 1). So criminals respond strongly to deterrence threats and the thought of a criminal’s victim potentially being armed deters them. Shall-issue laws are laws that if ...view middle of the document...

The facts about the impact of carrying is quite clear there will always be people to oppose the idea but there are statistics to back up the fact that more strict gun laws do not decrease crime rate in fact the crime rates increase. Knowing this it is clear that we need to become informed on what it really means to carry if you take that time to get your concealed carry license you are concerned about their safety and will defend their selves they are not concerned about harming others. Now there is clearly no way to rid the world of every criminal there will always be bad people we can’t change that mindset but we can defend ourselves, very few confrontations end in a person having to actually use lethal force.
The strictest gun laws are in big cities most generally, Chicago for example has one of the highest rates of crime (Kertscher 1). Their gun laws? They have one of the most strict gun laws in the world if you go back and look there are plenty more examples than just this one state on how strict gun laws impact crime rates. People are right when they say that crime rates are impacted by gun laws, and both sides have what they would consider to be a valid arguments, but when it comes to people that are against guns it seems that many of their opinions are based on opinion and not facts and number on how guns really affect people. So if they would consider the facts and not just make their decisions based on emotions they would see that states that adopt shall-issue laws actually are safer. Citizens should be able to defend themselves in these cases. Some anti-gun activists even go as far as to say that we should edit the constitution, because the second amendment can be interpreted in many different ways. The anti-gun activists focus on “A well-regulated militia” so according to them the second amendment is not for the people but for the state, but if you continue to read the rest of the amendment it states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (Kertscher 1).
It states in the constitution that the rights of the people to “keep and bear arms” can’t be taken from them so how can there be debate whether or not this protects a person’s right to have a gun. Our government is based on protecting the people and we decided things judging by the constitution our country was built on the constitution so the fact that anti-gun activists want to change the second amendment just because they think we shouldn’t have guns shows you there views on our country when they want to change what are country was built upon (Cohen1)
There are many different types of carry laws all are different and follow different guide lines. Concealed carry, open carry then there are bans on carrying at all. Concealed carry is the weapon is small enough to conceal on your person. Open carry is you can carry any weapon openly the weapon can be in plain sight and of any caliper. There are advantages to both open carry it is clearly known that...

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