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Concentration Camps: The Killing Machine Essay

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Over six million Jews were killed under Hitler’s power during the Holocaust. It was the end of World War 1 and Hitler’s anti-Semitism out of resentment for the Germans loss of World War 1 grew. He blamed the Jews for the problems their country was facing and wanted a way to change that.
He wanted power, and as much as he could get. Hitler’s takeover of power was about twenty years after World War 1 in 1933. He claimed the Jews were an “imperfect” race of people.
Therefore, using the power he had, he would try to accomplish creating the perfect Aryan race. How would he do that? He would do that using Concentration Camps that were brutal and incomprehensible.
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You hear to grab all your valuables because you are being shipped to somewhere different, and unknown. Loaded into a small and cramped train car, you can barely breathe, the stench is toxicating. You have no idea the outcome of your fate. You smell fire. You have reached your destination: a concentration camp. You are forced out of the tight train car, and separated into gender. Those unable to work are immediately killed. Most likely the old, and weak, toddlers, infants, and crippled.
In each concentration camp it was split up according to gender, age, etc. Those unable to work were immediately killed, which meant being shot in the “camp hospital” or being gassed. Most concentration camps were multiple types of facilities, such as: death camps, slave labor camps, and concentration camps.
Those contained in the camps, which were mostly Jews, were starved to death. They were given so little food, and doing so much unbearable work made it even worse. They were also on occasion brutally tortured for no reason. A ghetto /concentration camp physician said- “Active, busy, energetic people are changed into apathetic, sleepy beings, always in bed, hardly able to get up to eat or go to the toilet. Passage from life to death is slow and gradual like death from physical old age. People fall asleep in bed or on the street and are dead in the morning. They die during physical effort such as searching for food and sometimes even with a piece of bread in their hand.”
Going into further detail of the concentration camps, they were intolerable. When you were to arrive at a concentration camp, you were separated. If you were women you had your hair chopped off before you went to your death, or in other words, you were being gassed. It was a very strict place of order, and was run with so much force. In all, 22 camps were established, and 1,200 affiliate camps. You were very lucky if you survived, sadly the outcome of those who survived was very few.
One man along with his two sisters survived the Holocaust. In 1944 at the age of 15, Elie Wiesel, along with his entire family was sent to Auschwitz. (A concentration camp in Poland.) Luckily, in 1945, he was freed, along with his two sisters. He said- “Sometimes we must interfere when human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become...

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