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Idea Essay

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How to throw a dinner party for grown-ups
New job, new place, new friends and a newfound sense of freedom! While you are transitioning from a student to an independent young adult, you will often find yourself invited to sophisticated dinner parties. At some point of time you will need to return the courtesy and host such a dinner party yourself. If you think you are ill-equipped enough to hold such an affair properly, think again. Read these ultra simple tricks and tips to hold parties that will win accolades from your guests.
Setting up your place
While planning an easy elegant dinner party, menu ideas are the only thing most people focus on. But it is also important to set up the place properly to ensure that your party goes smoothly.
Furniture – Make sure that there is adequate seating arrangement for all your guests. You can bring the dining chairs into your living room temporarily. You would also need a dining table or a big table to place the food and drinks.
Decor – Unlike kids' parties and formal receptions, most grown-up parties do not need extra decoration. Yet if you feel like it, you can decorate the place with flowers and candles. Avoid heavily scented flowers and scented candles which may interfere with the smell of food. Music can add an extra charm to your party's setting. Just keep in mind to keep the volumes to such levels that conversation is not hindered.
Make sure to cover your dining table with elegant table cover as well as runner. Arrange your cutlery, dishes, glasses and cocktail napkins nicely on the table beside your carefully laid out delicacies. One special tip that we would like to share is that if you want your party to look sophisticated, do not compromise on the dinnerware. Do not resort to plastic. And disposables are a definite no-no. Get a proper dinner set and cocktail glasses.
Best dinner party menu ideas
When thinking about hosting a dinner party, menu ideas are the first thing which comes to mind. The most important thing is to divide your dinner into sections – starters, main...

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