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Concept Analysis

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Organizations are filled with people with the capacity to learn. Every organization deals with some form of change on a regular basis, which requires learning within the organization. For some organization the extent of learning is for the purpose of survival, while other organizations incorporate the basic "Survival learning" with "Generative learning", learning that enhances a person's ability to create. (Smith, 2001) Fred Kofman and Peter M. Senge's article, Communities of Commitment: the heart of the learning organizations. (Special Issue on the Learning Organization) addressed a number of concepts that apply to the United States Army and the organizations continuous process of learning.According to Peter Senge the definition of a learning organization is an organization where a person constantly develops his or her ability to create the outcome he or she desires, where fresh and extensive models of beliefs are cultivated, where the combined objective is to liberate, and people are frequently learning to see the sum (Smith, 2001).The United States Army is an organization that relies on "Survival Learning" as well as "Generative Learning". The "Survival Learning" consists of the basic knowledge possessed by each soldier that is taught in the basic training course upon entering the Army. The Army relies on such learning to accomplish daily missions, this learning continues throughout each year to increase soldier's ability to survive. In preparation for perilous situations such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan "Generative Learning" is vital to the survival of the United States Army and the mission to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America.The Fred Kofman and Peter Senge's article...

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