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Theory Of Architecture Essay

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"The Architect must recognize that process, not design, is the crux, and that the beauty and functional harmony of the building comes from a thousand small steps, taken one at a time, while the building is being designed, through the use of models, and then while the building is actually being made". This is one of the 16 guidelines stated in Christopher Alexander's "A Hippocratic Oath for Architects". So wouldn't the beauty of being an Architect be to create a masterpiece? To say that you dug your hands right in there and physically helped to build your masterpiece? I believe that if these 16 guidelines that Alexander wrote were implemented, it would give Architecture a whole new meaning. As a student, I think that the courses we would be instructed to take would be more fulfilling. We would have a wider range of understanding the entire concept of what the true meaning of being an Architect is. As an architect, I would agree that if implemented, every building we produce should, and would be desirable. Each work would be its own masterpiece. This could futuristically help the world to make Architecture more modern and help to remove some of the bland buildings and houses we now have, to make newer, genuine ones. All of the repetition would soon be gone, and we would be living in a whole new atmosphere.In past Architectural Eras, The Parthenon of Greece and the Pantheon of Rome are two of the most famous buildings. The Parthenon was built on religious belief to honor the Greek goddess, Athena. Located atop the Acropolis, the Parthenon can be seen for miles away. Being located centrally helps to allow with festive gatherings that were typically held in those days. The building is square in shape with 8 Doric columns across each end and 15 Doric columns along each...


Comparing the Gothic Revival in England Before and After 1820

1093 words - 4 pages -that ornament should not just be applied but express the essential structure of the building .’(Story of architecture, Patrick Nuggins) Pugin despised the classical and Greek revival he said the beauty of Gothic architecture arises from the structure and that the materials used should be true. In Gothic architecture ‘Inventive imitation’ was the ideal and ‘copyism’ was frowned upon. This theory allowed architects to create irregular and

Erwin Panofsky's Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism

1015 words - 4 pages Erwin Panofsky's Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism presents a compelling connection between the architectural styles of Gothic Cathedrals and the order and form of the Scholastic school of thought. Focusing on the "100 mile zone around Paris" during the years between 1130-40 and 1270 where and when Scholasticism was the dominate theory of education and Gothic architecture began to take a stronghold over the ageing Romanesque style. In

A Software Architecture Perspective

1431 words - 6 pages . Shaw and D. Garlan, Software Architecture: Perspectives on an Emerging Discipline, Carnegie Mellon; 1996 [4] R. N. Taylor, N. Medvidović and E. M. Dashofy, Software architecture: Foundations, Theory and Practice. Wiley, 2009. [5] Vaquero, Luis M., et al. "A break in the clouds: towards a cloud definition." ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review 39.1 (2008): 50-55. [6] Rimal, Bhaskar Prasad, Eunmi Choi, and Ian Lumb. "A taxonomy and survey of

J.J.P. Oud and Dutch Architecture

1962 words - 8 pages . He wished to move away from the restrictions of traditional brick construction, placing emphasis on definition of planes, monumentality, and a synthesis of theory and form. This project was never actually constructed, as Oud felt that "construction in concrete is eminently suitable for a plastic, three-dimensional architecture [but] definitely not applicable to this design." 1 J.J.P. Oud's influences changed somewhat in this same year with

Occupational Research Report: A Career as an Architect

1025 words - 4 pages Architecture Programs Receive High national Ranking, the University of Oregon offers an undergraduate program that was ranked one of the top ten programs in the nation and a graduate program that was ranked as one of the top five best interior architecture programs. Its programs are notorious for their strong theory based applied design as wells as a diversity of tactics and methodologies to undergraduate, especially to graduate studies that are

Phenomenology and Architecture

2421 words - 10 pages , architecture employs the immediacy of an individual’s sensory perception. The complete architectural experience is dependent on many factors such as details, materials, texture, color phenomena, transparency and shadows, time passage, etc. There is the huge phenomenon that phenomenology does not exist in architecture but rather the problems associated with it. This theory is very debatable and this paper will aim at expounding on some of the aspects

Renewable Energy: Wind Energy

983 words - 4 pages of wind turbines in a WPF is continuously increasing. In order to provide real-time control and monitoring, reliable bi-directional communication infrastructure is needed. According to their needs, most turbine manufacturers have developed their own monitoring and control systems due to an absence of a unified communication architecture. The performance of the system with respect to control and monitoring depends mainly on the communication

Brutalism in Art

1104 words - 4 pages Modern Movement Architecture is the most visible way of art, and every building has a certain type of style that resembles and tells the story of the time and place they were built in. Several movements took place during the 19th/20th Century. Some of the movements were: Art Nouveau: It is characterized by having an abundance of odd shapes such arcs, curves, and designs. This style was prominent particularly in Paris, where the

Brutalism in Art

950 words - 4 pages enclose a functional interior. The New Brutalism: Parallel of Life and Art "The architectural style known as Brutalism and the architectural and urban theory known as New Brutalism may be regarded as two different movements, although the terms are often used interchangeably. The New Brutalism of the British members of Team 10, Alison and Peter Smithson, is more related to the theoretical reform of the CIAM (in architecture and urbanism) than to "b

Brutalism In Art

950 words - 4 pages enclose a functional interior. The New Brutalism: Parallel of Life and Art "The architectural style known as Brutalism and the architectural and urban theory known as New Brutalism may be regarded as two different movements, although the terms are often used interchangeably. The New Brutalism of the British members of Team 10, Alison and Peter Smithson, is more related to the theoretical reform of the CIAM (in architecture and urbanism) than to "b

Bauhaus - The House of Construction

647 words - 3 pages Bauhaus theory and then were allowed to enter into specialized workshops. Throughout the years, it moved to Dessau and then Berlin and ending with the closure by Nazi soldiers. As a result of its existence, the Bauhaus had a major impact on art, design, and architecture trends throughout the rest of the century. The ideology of the Bauhaus was conceived when Walter Gropius, a German architect, sought for a unification of the arts through craft

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2515 words - 10 pages The historical process which led to the creation of rationalism in architecture had none of its biological inevitability, and had no clear beginnings which can be pinpointed with precision. There were a number of predisposing causes and strands of ideas, each with its own pedigree.1 Rationalism, in general, started in the eighteenth century with the birth of progressive ideals and the Industrial Revolution. As factors evolved from both

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