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2.2.2. Distributors
(Leslie De Chernatony, 2001) mentioned that the organization who distribute their product directly to the customers without using the intermediaries or channel members, it seems like an overriding or to be dominant. Suppose the intermediaries should be better since it will give a benefit for the brand strategy. The issues here are:

(i) Alignment of goals

Not only the company who owned the clear vision and objectives to become success but the distributors also have the same objectives as align with the company( Collins and Porras, 1996). But since there might be an overlap between the distributors and owners, therefore this will make the brand strategy being negatively affected (Barret, 1998)

(ii) Power

The relationship is not promise a better terms for the negotiation even in a kind of better relationship among owners and distributors (Burt, 2000). According to (Raven, 1959) he mentioned that the brand strategy should fit with the power that the top management or leader who expect that the other party such as subordinates to accomplish the desires of the company in order to achieve the goals but at the same time to penalize if failed to achieve the target. Hence, there is also a reward power where managers try to create an assessment if there is a situation of imbalance power.

2.2.3. Consumers
In order to know whether the brand strategy is effective, there are some issues here (Leslie De Chernatony, 2001):

(i) Time rich or money rich
(Leslie De Chernatony, 2001) stated that, since consumer nowadays had exposed too many brands to choose in the market, it reduce the time for them to decide the preferable brands. For the businesses, they should take this opportunity by creating the brand strategy in order to follow the tune of consumer changes.

(ii) Tight vs. lose control on the internet

As many concern that this technology era currently has...

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