Concept Of Love Through Compromise, Communication, Trust

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In our world today, many people has fallen in and out of “love” but the real question is what love is? According to the dictionary love can be a passionate affection for another person. Love can also be expressed in several different ways like love for family and friends or personal belongings. However, there are several important traits in love which are Compromise, communication, and trust.
In the early stages of a relationship, it’s not known for couples to fight and tolerate each other’s bad habits because they are experiencing they ‘honeymoon ‘phase. In this phase, relationships tend to go smooth sailing until their hormones for attraction has stopped. Now this is when true love happens, the surviving couples will compromise with their partner. What compromise means is an agreement between disputes by making concessions. For an example, just last Tuesday , I made a compromise with my girlfriend that I will take out the trash and be more responsible in the well keeping of the house and she try not to be so nitpicky. This a good compromise as we both worked out an agreement that didn’t affect our personal self. However, some people have a bad concept of compromise and make compromises like agreeing to stop doing certain things that changes the personality of one’s self. This is known as a bad compromise.
The next important trait in love is communication. In our world now with all the wireless technology and hotspots with WIFI around the place communication seems easier than ever. However, with expanding connectivity over the world through devices, we seem to forget what it’s like to communicate with others, especially our loved ones. In love, communication is vital. Can you imagine what it’s like talking to a brick wall? Not very fun is it? Especially in a relationship,...

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