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Equality has been loved and admired by some, while being despised and hated by others. It is a word that has created wars, influenced uprisings, and has given hope and strength to those in need. It represents our character as Americans, and portrays to the rest of the world in what we believe in. But, it has been abused and overturned from within our labor force, where equality has been masked by unfairness, discrimination, and greed. Equality in relation to work is an undertaking for equal compensation, equal opportunity, and equal treatment in order to pursue a more fair and balanced work place.
The systematic definition of equality is described as "the quality or state of being equal" (Merriam Webster). The fight for equality first started during the 1960's when the Civil Rights Movement was introduced with a goal to end discrimination and racial segregation. The next immense movement began with the Women's Right Movement from 1848 to 1920. Its purpose was to allow better working conditions and improved wages for women in the work force. These two movements may have restricted inequality and discrimination, but they have not completely ended these tribulations.
Movements have been created in response low standards in equality, and the main reason for these degrading principles is to do with the influence of money. Money has always been an effective incentive for some to decide on a specific job. Big companies today make billions in profit and revenue. Big corporations decide to reward those who have made the company strive and succeed. However it is not the hard working manual labor force who get to enjoy the benefits, it is the workers higher up the food chain from the managers to the CEO who receive the successes. Manual labor workers in most factories make the bare minimum $7.25 an hour wage for their hard blood sweating work. Whenever a company begins to report a loss in profits, the company does not fire, or reduce the CEO's salary, but instead make up the losses by laying off hundreds of manual labor workers in the factories. Compensation for manual laborers is very miniscule compared to what they should actually be earning. Equality in compensation would result in paying the workers double of what they are earning today in order to create a balance between the manual workers and the CEO. Sadly, an increase in minimum wage to the equality level standards is only a dream, for we live in a capitalist society, where greed substitutes morality.
Equality in opportunity is a big issue regarding the promotion of women compared to men. Men in some cases have been treated better when it comes to job promotions and an increase in salary. Women (since the beginning of World War One) have been exploited and have been undermined in the workplace. During war times, women have replaced men as dominant figures in factories and in manual labor. They were paid less than men, for working the same amount of hours and doing the same work as men would...

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