Concept Paper: Mind Uploading; Transhumanism

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Mind uploading is the transference of consciousness unto an artificial machine such as a computer. It is a Transhumanist concept. Transhumanism, in general, believes in the possibility and desirability of tapping science and technology in the enhancement of not only man's surroundings but in the enhancement of man himself.Today, there are a multitude of examples where man's body is enhanced by technology: From eyeglasses and canes, to the man-made prosthetic feet, vaccines, the steel bars placed within the limbs to compliment weak, brittle bones, and the research and creation of exoskeletons for the military. With the aid of robotics and electronics, the physical and computational limitations of man could be removed and exceeded. Though already awed by these wonders, Transhumanists wish to go further: a human in a robot body.Several robot bodies have been created that all could be controlled by thought. All these work by having a human being wear a 'mind-reading' headgear and then a computer that translates these synapses in the brain responsible for movement into electronic signals that could be understood by a computer. The problem with this is that there are three characters involved: the robot, the human, and the computer, lengthening the process If so, then why not save a step and eliminate the middleman? By middleman, really…man.TECHNICALSThe brain and a computer perform three identical functions in this order: Data acquisition, analysis, storage of that analysis, and then an expression of information. The brain receives audiovisual, olfactory, tactile data from its sensors (eyes, ears, limbs, tongue, etc.) vis-à-vis a computer's reception of data through the keyboard, mouse, touchpad, or other media reception methods. It then analyzes this and that is why a human being feels physical senses (information). A computer also processes this and comes up with its information. Memories are also stored in the brain in its neurons as opposed to a computer's hard-disk. The brain expresses information of reflexive and voluntary movements through one's body and limbs; of speech and the written word through one's mouth and fingers, vis-à-vis a computer's audiovisual expression through the monitor and speakers."Knowing that the brain is very much like a computer, it is not impossible to make a computer that functions like a brain," said UP Diliman (UPD) Computer Science Department Instructor Adrian Angeles.BRIGHT FUTUREThe understanding and the replication of storage and expression of information is not only much simpler and easier than the earlier functions, but these have actually been done.On the idea of data storage and whole brain emulation, the surrogacy of a human brain by a computer, "Data storage, which would help whole brain emulation, has been done since the first computer was created," Oxford...

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