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Spiderman holds a vital comic context of the city within the entertaining, action-packed excitement of the movie. This typical story-line outlines the life of an ordinary boy who becomes fortuitous to undertake the role of a city hero, with super-powers and all the rest. The story is set in the city of NY, where it seems most suitable for a place of rescue. Thus, the central concept of the city that is mainly presented in this film is the negative sides of the city. Such negatives being crime, death, selfishness, greediness and poverty. Spiderman is identified as the liberator who fights the crime and such negatives in the city setting.Peter Parker, who is the main character and becomes Spiderman, is the character that our view of the city comes through. He sees the city being a place of unfairness and crime. In the scene where Peter discovers his uncle's brutal attacker, he is forced to relieve his anger and chase the man through the busy city. This scene reveals the crime and dangers of the city, which can lead to death--as his uncle dies as a result of the assault. Shortly after this incident, Peter is convinced to fight the evilness and similar crime in the city with his newly discovered powers.The city conveys a message that it's community is full of bitterness and selfishness. Again, through Peter's perception, he is unfairly treated at school by his peers, etc... and is stereotyped as the 'urban nerd.' Every shove, gossip, cruel trick, put-down or even neglectence that Peter experiences, we as an audience also perceive and understand the unfairness of his treatment. In seeing this quality of the people, the whole judgement of the city's society is generalized and we can label society as cruel and selfish- seemingly putting others down for a superior self-feeling.The trait of selfishness also...

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