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Concepts In Film Theory And Criticism. Robert Rosenstone States: "Film Emotionalizes, Personalizes, And Dramatizes History. Through Actors And His

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A true representation of history in film is almost impossible to achieve, this is due to the limitations of source materials the filmmakers who create the films have. In the modern day, photographs and video footage of historical events are available but these resources don’t depict everything which has happened. Emotion and what happens in historical events are two of the main things that these resources do not depict, what happens in event and human emotion can only be experienced by either people who are involved in the historical event or by the person who is being portrayed. Even then the event experienced can be falsely accounted for due to time in terms of memory or quite simply human ...view middle of the document...

A persons ideologies come into play when accounting history due to biased decisions being made. Truth on the other hand can only be accounted as being honest if factual evidence is supporting the truth, such as birth certificates and passports. This being said, the truth cannot fully be represented in film which retell historical events unless the footage film is a recording of an event much like in documentaries and newsreels but even then the telling of an event can be distorted by the filmmakers personal ideologies. So which this being the circumstance, history can only be told as an account rather that the truth. The argument made by many historians is that film distorts history due to its false accounting of history. However if a person's ideologies cloud a person's accounting of history this means that historians are as at fault as filmmakers. Even Though film in the modern age has a wider demographic than many historical publications, films which depict historical acts should be supervised by a specialised historian in the act the film follows, otherwise a mass audiences view of a historical event is distorted by the exaggeration and manipulation of the past many historical film present.
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One of main problems with historical film is the imagery that is shown, it is only a representation of history and nothing more, meaning that it is what some one imagines the past looked like. Acting in historical films plays a key part when discussing the imagery of a film due to it being someones view of the past. For an actor to get into the role of a key historical figure they have to go to certain measures understand and to portray that person. In terms of acting actors and actresses uses techniques such as ‘the method’ to get into the role. This acting technique is a valuable point when arguing in favour for...

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