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Concepts Of “Brotherhood” – And “Siblinghood” – From Cain And Abel

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It was the summer of 2007. My family went on vacation to Mendocino, about 3 hours Northwest of Castro Valley. We were visiting a small shopping center next to the beach there, looking to see what kind of souvenirs and other goodies we could find. My sister and I visited a bookstore, seeing some cool toys (namely, Lego) in the window. My parents decided to wait for us to finish looking, right outside the store. My dad thought it was a getting a little cold, and decided to go back to the car and get our jackets. Browsing around, I first went through the store and looked for the small toy section. I found it, marveling at all the Lego that I didn’t have, although it was probably a trivial amount compared to the entirety of my current collection. After that, I went to check out the rest of the store, eyeing interesting picture books and funny book covers. In the midst of so many extraordinary books and souvenirs, I spent a good half an hour in that bookstore, browsing the many genres and types of books.
Finally at the end of my escape to "Bookland" (as dumb as it may sound), I decided to go back out to my parents. My mom called my dad, who, unbeknownst to me at that time, was at the car getting our family’s jackets. She told him that she was going to take me down the boardwalk further, and browse more stores. After she hung up, we headed down the long line of shops and restaurants, pausing occasionally to walk inside the quaint, snugly side-by-side stores and browse their individual items on sale. Eventually, my mom got tired, so we found a bench to sit on and patiently waited for my dad.
All of a sudden, my mom’s phone rang. It was my dad, with a loud, almost screaming voice. He said (in Chinese), “DID YOU REALIZE THAT YOUR DAUGHTER DISAPPEARED? …” He yelled at my mom about leaving my sister at the bookstore, where, supposedly, she started crying after she couldn’t find my mom or my dad. Apparently, after overcoming her initial shock at realizing she was lost, my sister had blubbered to a kind lady about what had happened. The kind lady, being – well, kind – lent my sister her phone, and my sister called my dad, who was very upset and angry at my mom. Soon after the call, my mom and I walked back towards the bookstore, where, once we got there, we found my dad and sister, who had just recovered from bawling like a little baby.
After my parents talked about what had happened, they came to a conclusion. It was my fault, because I should have known that my sister was in there with me, because my mom had...

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