How Media Has Changed The Concept Of Childhood

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increase in children mortality rates. For example, in Angola, children as young as six to seven were abducted and sent into combat with dangerous weapons (Honwana 2008). Boys were ordered to shoot down enemies as part of their training (Honwana 2008). The process of recruiting and abducting children into conflict raises many concerns for both the children and their family. Children’s exposure to combat can ultimately damage their morality and personality (Personal Communication 2014). For example, the Sierra Leona video, explained that children are brain washed into joining the military. Abdul who began as a young innocent boy and after exposure to conflict, he became a killer. In addition, children that are exposed to daily violence will develop serious impairment in the child’s process of development (Personal Communication 2014). Conflict influences the children to behave a certain way such as being excessively aggressive towards their peers and or family members. Too much exposure to violence may lead to psychological, mental, and social damage (Williams 2007). These are all concerns that every parent feared for their children.
There are many different ways children are involved with the concept of conflict. Children are commonly abducted, imprisoned, harassed, and murdered (Personal Communication 2014). In addition, the “one house, one person” recruitment policy, transform many children into becoming soldiers (Shakya 2011). Also some schools are seen as recruitment centers for combat. Nepal is a prime example of army recruitment in schools. This recruitment of children violates the rights of the children (Shakya 2011). Schools were seen as zones of war rather than a zone of peace. As a result, children lost many friends and were abducted to task forces. Girls were abducted as sex slaves, spies, scouts and servants (Shakya 2011). Moreover, children who are orphaned with no social support, and or homeless are often time recruited into the army (Shakya 2011). Both boys and girls have been used and exploited for many years and their involvement in combat is extremely detrimental to their childhood.
Children are forced into conflict for many different reasons. As mentioned before, majority of the time, children are abducted into the battlefield which stripped them from their human rights. Children who have no political protection are the primary targets of abduction (Honwana 2008). In the recent decade, civil wars and conflict had worsened which contribute to the idea of child recruitments. The involvement of children is closely linked to the history of both the Western and non-Western civilization (Honwana 2008). In addition, children are widely replaceable and are used in many different ways in regards to involvement in conflict.
After post conflict, children faced many problems in regards to their overall wellbeing. Children’s physical, social, and mental mobility are damaged due to the excessive exposure of...

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