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Concepts Of Childhood Essay

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because mothers cannot afford necessary nutritious food and are often uneducated. In addition, AIDS and HIV are common among mothers of Nepal. Therefore, children are exposed to many different diseases that can harm their overall health. Also, families in Nepal do not have the privilege to receive health care because Nepal lacks funds for health care infrastructure. They also lack accessibility and quality doctors due to poverty. However over the past decade, the government began to emphasize better health for both children and adults in Africa. In the video, “Ted- Talks,” presented the idea of educating mothers about HIV and other health concerns. This allowed mothers to educate ...view middle of the document...

These children were stripped from their human rights which was detrimental for their personal development. However in the effort to fight against child labor, Nepal partnered with International Labor Organization (ILO) and NGOs to prevent children from working in harsh and unhealthy conditions. This allowed Nepal to prohibit any hazardous form of child labor. The government had also introduced laws to promote safe working conditions and equal rights for both genders (Giri 2009). Other organizations began to educate children and employers the importance of safe quality control in work spaces (Giri 2009). Education serves as a great equalizer for many developing countries. However in Nepal, education is less seen as beneficial due to Nepalese’s cultural values and poverty. Over 50% of children drop out before reaching secondary school (Personal Communication 2014). Gender inequality discourages girls from attaining higher quality education. Child labor prevents both males and females from receiving an education (Giri 2009). Other contributing factors include low access to school supplies, low quality desks, and low quality teachers. The lack of food and water causes children to become sick which forces them to miss school. Education is set to enhance children’s development globally and Nepal had made progress to abolish school fees, and invest more money in infrastructure. This will allow local Nepalese children to have a strong opportunity in...

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