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Concepts Of Communication Essay

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We all have one life to live. In this life we teach things to others, but we also learn things from others. We communicate in one way or another to get across with our purpose whatever it might be. We all have our own communication style, way to listen, communication apprehension, and our way to resolve conflict. Therefore, I will elaborate in those concepts with my own personal experience and understanding about them.
There are four different styles of communication private, dominant, sociable, and open. After taking a style survey I was surprise to know I belong to the open style communication. Open style is a person that response back other’s messages, conversations regarding to their ...view middle of the document...

My coworker fits to this last style. He enjoys listening to others, and he asks a lot of questions to get you talking. Yet, he doesn’t really tell a lot about him which is smart but at the sometime not balance. However, in one way or the other I have managed to get along with him. I try to give him the message that is ok if he doesn’t wants to disclose personal information. Yet, if he decides he wants he can trust that I won’t share with other such information. I let him do the talking since he likes it, and I show to him that I don’t have negative though about him.
It is essential that we learn to listen to improve our own style of communication. Now, if we think we are good in this skill it will be great to teach it to someone that is lacking in it. There still listeners whose responses communicate no acceptance, support less and inactive listeners. They tend to respond “you need to do this,” implying they want you to do it their way. Or they might say “you had to do it that way…” implying that you did it wrong base in their prospective. Also, they imply a solution by saying, “this is the how…” Yet, they can also imply approval by saying, “Well done...” Another listener’s response can be “it will pass…” implying you don’t need to feel that way. Another one is, “you probably need…” implying their reason of why you are like that. The second to last is, “its ok…let’s talk about something else…” implying you aren’t worthy for them to develop in such topic. Final example response is “oh you start acting like…”implying you been silly if you act like such.
Those responses above happen because we don’t want to listen to others for laziness or other things. I learn that listening is a key to communication. Now, to improve your listening skill you can listen for content and tone of the speaker as you observe the behavior of the speaker. Another way is to engage in the lecture or conversation and give feedback. Other ways are to keep up to date in datelines given to you, and ask open-ended question in conversations or lectures. You can also find a fact in the things been said, so later on you can remember what you heard. And more important is to understand the process of listening to improve in it. Once you have understood the process of an effective listener you discover the value and motives of the people around you. After following those procedures you will notice that your relationship towards others gets better. When we listen with attention we can learn from others mistakes or success. Another benefit of effective listener is to relate information with things we normally do or use, so that later one can review it and remember it.
Now, is always easier to listen, and talk personally with someone. However, when it comes to be on stage the problem begins, this is communication apprehension. Stage fright begins before we even step up in stage. I sometimes can’t say my words and my hands shake because I am...

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