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Principles Of Communicative Language Teaching Essay

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I. Introduction
Today English is the most popular international language in the world. Many countries chose English as a second language; and Vietnam is one of them. After Vietnam was approved as a World Trade Organization member since 2006, writing and speaking English are required skills to access higher education or to find a job. Many foreign companies have invested in our country. Therefore, English plays a very important role in our society and is an important subject as a mandatory course in Vietnamese education system. It is extremely necessary to develop learner’s proficiency in speaking .
1. Background of the study
1.1. Thu Duc College of Technology and current problems in teaching speaking

Thu Duc College of Technology (TCD) is located at 53 Vo Van Ngan, Linh Chieu ward, Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh City. It was established in 1984, called Thu Duc Vocational and Technical school. Its name has been changed to Thu Duc College of Technology since 2008. There are six majors which students have been trained at TDC such as Business English, Finance and Accounting, Business Administration, Information Technology, Mechanical engineering, Electronic Engineering. Due to the variety of English knowledge in students, it’s difficult for teachers to teach them in large size classroom. Hence, teachers of TDC have met lots of difficulties in teaching English, especially in teaching speaking.

Speaking skill plays an essential role in communication in daily life. However, teaching speaking by focusing on grammar translation method is out of date and less interesting. Typically, teachers of Thu Đuc College of Technology have been dominated traditions of English teaching for example : Students are taught to only aim at form-focused exercises, grammar based exams and lock step-type curriculum. Therefore, developing speaking skill for students is limited, students are lack of confidence and motivation when communicating with other people in English. Because of the above reasons, the key objective of the research paper is to concentrate on the task-based language teaching approach in teaching speaking in the sphere of the school. Moreover, the research paper provides a theoretical TBLT that serves in teaching purposes for instance : task components, task types which teachers may apply appropriately the tasks in teaching English to strongly motivate students in speaking English at Thu Duc College of Technology.

Key words: Speaking, tasks, Task –Based Language Teaching (TBLT), teaching speaking.
II. Literature review
1. Defining terms
1.1. Definition of Speaking
Speaking is different from reading and writing so that the conceptual issues relate to oral language pedagogy. Chaney (1998) suggests that ‘ Speaking is the process of building and sharing meaning through the use of verbal and non- verbal symbols in a variety of contexts’. If learners are good at speaking, they may use language in different situation and contexts and they can master well...

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