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Community nursing requires the nurse to be well-informed of the community, knowledge on needs of people in the community, and the capability to diagnosis, plan and implement the necessities for the community. To provide quality outcomes for a community, the use of a conceptual model help in guiding the professional nurse on assessing the needs, prioritizing needs and the listing the severity of needs. The process of using a conceptual model can be compared to the nursing processes which consist to assessing the needs of a patient, diagnosing needs, planning needs of the patient, implementation of the plan, and evaluating the success of the plan. A conceptual model and the nursing process are used to recognize problems and find solutions or outcomes for the listed problems
Survival of a community works best when a partnership is developed with the nurse and the community. The collaboration of the partnership can work to address the needs of the community while working on planning and implementing change. “The nurse works in partnership with community groups to enhance the capacity, resourcefulness, vitality, and support to create change within the community” (Ervin, 2002, p. 61). Community partnerships show the nurse and the community possibilities for improvement. This paper will discuss the Developmental Model of Health and how it may be used in a community setting, how the model compares to the nursing process and whether the model can be used in the parameters of a community partnership.
Developmental Model of Health
The Developmental Model of Health puts focus of health on the characteristics of the family and the families view on health. According to Allen & Warner (2002), the developmental model of health emphasizes strengths of the family, the development of a way of living, engaging the family in increasing knowledge on health which could develop over a period of time. This model works to develop knowledge of health, health concepts, and health potential by reviewing strengths, motivation and necessary resources (as cited in Black & Ford-Gilboe, 2004, p. 48). “In 1977 the Health Services Extension Act mandated standards for community preventive health services. An outgrowth of this act was the multiagency development of Model Standards for Community Preventive Health Services published in 1979” (Hitchcock, Schubert, Thomas, 2003, p. 735). In addition, Model Standards for Community Preventive Health Services is the structure for Healthy People 2010.
According to Black & Ford-Gilboe (2004), the model has four distinct concepts. The concepts involved in the developmental model of health are: health work, health potential, competence in health behavior, and health status. These four concepts can also be used in community health. The concepts are used to develop an understanding of how healthy the family is, their risk for health concerns, if family members have an...

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