Conceptual Framework For Therapeutic Occupations: "There Is Nothing So Useful As A Good Theory"

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Conceptual Framework for Therapeutic Occupations:"There is nothing so useful as a good theory"Michele FreitasOT 3012Janis DavisNovember 17, 2008Conceptual Framework for Therapeutic Occupations:"There is nothing so useful as a good theory"Occupation is the central idea of the profession of Occupational Therapy. The reason that the profession was founded was to use occupations to enhance every day life (Slagle, 1922). To explain the profession of Occupational Therapy, one must first explain the definition of occupation. There are many different ways to define the word occupation. For example, everything people do to occupy themselves; all doing that has intrinsic or extrinsic meaning, or according to the AOTA, ordinary and familiar things that people do every day. (Jacobs, 2004) The many definitions of occupation and occupational therapy have confused medical professionals for years (Nelson, 2003). The Conceptual Framework for Therapeutic Occupations has provided definitions of many occupational concepts and related them to the profession of occupational therapy. Given the strengths, weaknesses, key concepts, and application to practice, the conceptual framework for therapeutic occupations (CFTO) is a very influential frame of reference in the profession of occupational therapy.FounderCFTO is the conceptual framework for therapeutic occupations. It highlights the core of therapeutic occupation across diverse models of practice and provides an analytical method for comparing and contrasting different models of practice. (Nelson, 1996) David L. Nelson was instrumental in developing this framework. Nelson began his career working beside Frieda Behlen and Anne Mosey; both influenced him in many ways. He learned to develop ideas that would have a long term affect on practice and the profession. Initially he worked with children with autism. Working with these children provoked his thoughts on meaning and purpose. From there he created his own definition of occupation. Nelson hopes that in the future the CFTO will become a practical way for analyzing clinical situations, for guiding clinical reasoning, and for developing models of practice and frames of reference that people will use. (Nelson, 2003,)When and Why the CFTO was DevelopedThe term conceptual framework for therapeutic occupations was first used in 1995. It was developed to label the definition of occupation in relation to the profession of occupational therapy. The focus of occupational therapy is to use occupation as a method of therapy. This is what makes the profession standout in a useful way. Being that occupation is the basis for occupational therapy, it is interesting that throughout the 1950's and1960's the term occupation was rarely used in OT literature. (Nelson, 2003) This confused not only society, but other medical professionals as well. David Nelson created the CFTO to provide definitions of occupation and occupational concepts, and to specify the relationships...

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