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Conceptual Modification Essay

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1) It was 1988, I had just seen my new born sister taken home from the hospital. When this moment happened it was new and exciting for me. Before this moment I had never had a brother or sister for I was an only child. I now felt that I was part of a full, beautiful, and loving family. However, after my sister was born I remembered thinking to myself if life will be better or worse for me and if my parents will still have the same love for me as they did when I was an only child. I wanted to search for what my future held but realized I couldn't. Therefor I then knew that I must live my future to the fullest.2) On the day of my 16th birthday I went straight to the car dealer ship to pick out my very first car. All the cars were wonderful, however one car in particular really stood out in front of my eyes. Even though the price was outrages I knew I had to take it for a test drive, it was just too tempting. It was grey, shiny and luxurious. They way it drove felt like you were floating on air. It was a hot rod that was at the top of the line and had everything on it that you could possibly imagine. The vehicle was very full yet remarkably easy to not notice. Its wheels had more "pizazz" than ever and the seats made you feel like you were sitting on pillows. It was created in the 1990's I believe somewhere in Europe. However, at the time none of this mattered. I was just trying to enjoy the greatest car ride of my life. I remember thinking to myself when I got out of the automobile, that someday I shall own a car like this. The experience of my greatest car ride was a magnificent one.3) I remember I was about 8 years old when I stepped on the court for my first basketball game. It was at the Richboro junior...

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