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Conceptualization Research Proposal Essay

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What are the effects on teenagers that grew up with older siblings with disabilities? The concepts included in this proposed research are, effects, teenagers, grew up with, and disabilities. According to Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, an effect is something that is produced by and agent or cause (Merriam-Webster, 1961). For this proposed research an effect will be any physical or mental differences, which is directly or indirectly caused through growing up with a disabled older sibling, between teenagers who fit this criterion and teenagers who do not. Teenagers, for this proposed research, will be defined as anyone from the age of 13 to the age of 18. Grew up with, will ...view middle of the document...

This publication goes on to theorize that siblings of autistic children are hidden casualties of school and community ignorance, and as a result they are expected to carry out everyday activities despite having their daily lives disrupted by their disabled sibling. It also states that siblings of children with autism are more responsible mature and empathetic (Marshall, Kendall, Banks, & Gover, 2009).
Another theory, on the effects on siblings of children with disabilities, is presented in the publication, Family Consequences of Children’s Disabilities. The theory in this publication states, “…the family lives of adolescent boys and girls with a sibling with a disability resemble those of other adolescents who have no siblings with disabilities.” This publication also states that most of the differences associated with a sibling with a disability relate to parental investments of money, due to the economic strain most family’s with disabled children which they face because of the expanded medical care and supervision need of the disabled child. Also presented in this book is that theory that raising a child is in fact a family affair, which includes the siblings (Hogan, 2012)
From the two theories presented above, the first theory listed from Disabilities Vol.2 best fits this proposed research study. This theory is best fitting for several reasons; first of all it includes not only negative effects (i.e. less parental attention) but also positive effects (i.e. becoming more responsible, mature and empathetic). This theory also fits the proposed research well because it addresses the differences in treatment form others, like the time and energy the parents give their non-disabled child. Another reason this theory best fits the proposed research is because it addressed different developmental effects, and the different responsibilities the children, in these types families, feel they have. I consider these aspects most important because they are major contributors to behavior, and personality, in other words if these aspects of a teens life are altered in this way the development of that teens personality may drastically be altered from what it would have been had they not grown up...

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