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Concern For The Treatment Of Animals Involved In Scientific Research Illustrated In Suzuki's Article, Pain Of Animals

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In the article, “The Pain of Animals”, David Suzuki expresses concern for the plight of animals studied and sacrificed in the name of modern scientific research. It is of great peril to mention that the basis behind the scientific research using model organisms is due to our common evolutionary history, and it is due to that shared evolutionary history that we are able to extrapolate the results of the research from one organism to another. Humans have made great gains in knowledge and understanding of this world and themselves by utilizing other organisms. However, in acquiring these gains we have often ignored the health and the conditions of the species that we have utilized in experimentation. This is the gist of Suzuki’s argument in the article, “The Pain of Animals”. He aims to raise cognizance of the pain and anguish that animals are put through for our own benefits.
In this particular article, Suzuki examines the rights of scientists as they sacrifice the lives of millions of animals for human benefits. He acknowledges the need for research but he is not proud of the conditions that the animals have to suffer through in order for the research to be conducted. This is quite a surprising rhetoric from Suzuki, who is himself a research scientist, and spent 25 years of his life conducting experiments on fruit flies and in that process killing millions of these fruit flies without a single thought. He studied their behaviour on the basis that the fruit flies’ neurophysiology was similar to that of humans and other animals. It is evident in the article that the author struggles to find the balance between research and animal rights. He raises questions that are hard to answer for any human, such as, what gives us the right to alter with our species and organisms as we see...

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