Concerns For The Safety Of Human And Animal Food During Transportation

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The issues concerning the safety of human and animal food during transportation to and within the United States are concerns, which are raising the attention of both the American public and the United States Food and Drug Administration. A few of the main worries include, the improper handling of food products, the lack of proper control of the temperature in which the foods are kept, the concerns of cross-contamination, the lack of proper equipment for the loading of food products before they are transported to other area on the country and the lack of security.

In order for these problems to the fixed and restore a proper and healthy means of transporting human and animal foods, there issues needs to be dealt with, which is why ideal regulations of Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods was put in place whereby the transportation of foods will be executed under safe and healthy conditions for human and animal consumption. It is estimated that every year, about 200 billion metric tons of human and animal food products are globally transported to the United States with about 35 percent of these foods products transported by land, 60 percent by sea and about 5 percent by air.
Brief Background
The history behind the regulation goes back to the 1980s when trucks that carried food from the Midwest to be delivered to the East and West Coast carried garbage in their turn trips. This lead to the implementation of the Sanitary Food Transportation Act of 1990 to help prevent the carriage of garbage in trucks or any means of transportation intended for food carrying purpose. Recent federal regulations indicate that food products have to be protected from physical, microbial and chemical contamination when handling and transporting (Ackerley, Sertkay, Lange, 2010).

Current regulations also states that food products which are liable to rot should be monitored and be kept in good controlled conditions to protect their quality for the consumption of the American public. Other factors that should be taken into consideration with the transportation of food products include:
• Training of employees on the proper handling of foods and making them aware of the dangers they could be possibly exposing themselves, the company and the consumers to if safety handling of food commodities is not put in action.
• Reviewing of all management records to ensure the safe delivery of products from one place to the other.
• Establishing excellent communication skills amongst product shipper, transporters and receivers to help see to it that all foodstuffs arrive to their expected destinations on time, kept in favorable conditions and also reach the consumers while they are still at their fresh state.

The idea behind the safety of food products is gaining a worldwide attention due to the link between food and health living now a day. Seeing to the improvement in food safety is an important factor in the progression of a society and the world as a...

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