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Collegiate sports have progressed to one of the most highly profitable industries in the U.S. today. Through the years, these institutions have developed, marketed, and optimized a method to generate revenue of high levels. Yet, no one seems to have a problem with the fact that these players are being utilized and objectified for their talents. Each athlete must give up more than they should, without reasonable benefits. In fact, The University of Alabama made nearly $143.5 million in revenue alone during the 2012-2013 year (Solomon). Exactly $0 went to the players for their in season efforts. Players nowadays are highly recruited and not all of them are given large sums of money to receive ...view middle of the document...

Even for one sport athletes, every day of the year has many physical challenges, regardless of whether or not it is in season or in the offseason. In the multi-sport athletes’ case, it is quite amazing that they do not have to use a walker around their own home. Imagine the kind of physical and mental pain these individuals deal with on a daily basis. Waking up early to attend the mandatory workout, trying to focus and stay wake in every class, participating in practice, and with the remaining time available working out again to gain the edge, then it is time study to remain eligible, so you do it all over again tomorrow. This is what the offseason is like for every athlete in high school or college. This is the time of year an athlete has a chance to heal, seriously. But for multi-sport athletes, they have not once had this healing process; it is just one sport to the next. The little voice in the head of a competitive athlete fuels them to keep going to meet and exceed every expectation. However, it is never good enough; expectations are increasing as the competition has evolved to its ugly self today.
To be an athlete you must be able to take serious risks. You are damaging your body, testing your patience and intelligence, as well as your future. The saying originating from the bible, “many are called few are chosen” really exemplifies the pipe dream that is professional sports (“Matthew 22”). Risking your physical health and putting your financial future on hold are significant drawbacks of being an athlete. As a result, many good athletes are never actually able to reach their aspirations and expectations. When a team begins to struggle on a performance basis, the coaching staff is then thought of as “expendable.” When a coach has their job on the line one can only assume they would do anything to protect their position by improving success. Doing so may mean longer practices,...

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