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Concerns In The Western Diet Essay

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The western diet exists as a way of life for most Americans. The typical western diet is full of chemicals and unknown ingredients. Today it is not viewed as the most beneficial diet for humans to consume. Those who live on the western diet are exploding with health concerns. Some major health problems range from type two diabetes, high cholesterol, to being overweight. These health concerns are growing. Today, foods have many unknown ingredients and just really are not food. Michael Pollan discusses these issues in his book titled In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto. Pollans’ goal from this book is to inform people, mainly the eaters of the western diet, what this diet is and what it contains. He furthers his argument on defying the food we eat in Part three, Chapter two “Eat Food: Food Defined”. Pollan, in this chapter, breaks down the foods we buy then eat, and how we should choose what to eat to better health and life. The problem is that everyone thinks they are eating real food. Pollan defines what the foods really are while also giving advice on what one really should be digesting.
The western diet is not doing many people much good. Pollan discusses that the western diet focuses heavily on nutrition. That’s good, right? However that is wrong, especially when food companies are supposedly adding editable chemicals to make foods healthier. These additives are one contributor to giving the western diet its bad name. There are so many health problems with the western diet that Pollan specifies. Throughout the book, Pollan breaks down in sections and declares what foods are made of and how it is affecting everyone. Food really is not food; it is just chemical substances that are fed to everyone to eat in their daily lives.
An apple from the early 1900s and before contained all natural ingredients. This apple mostly contained water, natural vitamins and minerals, and maybe a bug here and there. The apple probably tasted fresh and like an apple. Today, an apple that is found in a modern super market contains preservatives, chemicals, wax and maybe more things we do not even know of. These were added just to keep the apples fresh for a longer period of time. Food today is not recognizable with all the new chemicals and preservatives being added to them. Although someone would still call it food, is it really food? Food used to be made from all natural ingredients. Today focuses on food that has a longer shelf life, not what item had the healthiest ingredients. Pollan specified in “Eat Food: Food Defined”, “It’s true that foods have long been processed in order to preserve them, as when we pickle or ferment or smoke, but industrial processing aims to do much more then extend shelf life” (149). Food can last years and years without spoiling. This can only happen with all the poisonous ingredients that are put into the food. With these special, unnatural ingredients present, the foods are not real. They turn...

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