Concerns Of A Metal World Essay

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Concerns of a Metal World
Robots have always been a fascination though many Americans openly discuss their concerns with what negative outcomes that automatons are capable of creating though a lot of people fail to see the greater positive outcomes of assimilating these machines into our society even though we are moving into that direction. This essay will discuss some of the pros and cons of 3 main perspectives, which would be Commerce/Social, Medical, and Military with the hope to persuade others into accepting robots.
Many Americans are uneasy with the idea of robots in the workforce or simply in public. Though machines are currently in our workforce working in basic positions ( i.e. working assembly lines ) though if they were to manage higher positions ( i.e. manager, corporate ) that are man filled, they could improve productivity substantially along with the other benefits: they require no sleep or feel fatigue, no need for pay, and can assess situations with precision and speed. Though there are some well noted downsides to having robots take higher positions for one it could put many people out of a job and could be missing that " human innovation " when it comes to furthering the company or changing the workplace conditions. Though humanity has always adapted to problems for instance the risk of losing jobs will be replaced with a different one for example machines need maintenance hence need engineers/programmers to cater to that issue. Though another benefit also stated by Rodney Brooks inventor of the Baxter factory robot (Brooks, Rodney. "Robots At Work: Toward A Smarter Factory." Futurist 47.3 (2013) pg.25) “making products closer to home, where they were designed, allows you to keep your supply chain short and responsive” simply put we will eliminate outsourcing or abusing low-cost labor from other countries alongside that we will have manufacturing near companies which will reduce the upkeep of maintaining supply chains; alongside with no humans in dangerous workplaces.
We come to the part of social impacts and benefits of having robots. For one many people are intrigued yet unwelcoming to the idea of a robot as a companion (lover, friend) as many say it’s not natural and have worries that they will not convey the full variety of emotions as a human would and if they could some suggest that they could cause more harm than good for instance if a hacker were to rewrite the robots coding and make it manipulate it’s companions emotions, toy with the persons emotions by making them love the robot then crush their bliss with rejection for that could cause psychological issues. Though to some people they would be willing to take the risk for companionship from what Alan Brown tells he met with a psychologist (Sherry Turkle) from MIT that had a talk with a student (Anne) that if robots could mimic and evoke emotions that anne would trade in her boyfriend for a robot to get that “caring behavior” ((BROWN, ALAN S. "The Robotic Moment."...

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