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The Masterworks concert I attended at the Colorado Symphony was Watkins Plays Edgar. A formal event with an audience of older more sophisticated adults. Dressed well and already knowing the appropriate etiquette for a symphony was a prepared crowd. The artists were lined up perfectly on the grand stage all dressed in black ready to go, the conductor was standing in front of them all and started the piece moving his hands back and forth up and down. It was beautiful. With selections from The Sleeping Beauty and in-between was a short solo violin piece that was perfection lead us to close the suite is a grand conclusion, the kind that we all recognize when something is coming to an end. ...view middle of the document...

Performing in front of a sold out Fillmore Auditorium audience a equal mix of teens and adults was a success for her debut in Colorado.
She stood under a white light alone and sang “Glory and Gore” following a sheet being dropped to reveal her band two guys, one on keyboards and the other playing the drums. She had every single person dancing or screaming the lyrics to her songs and not only the most famous ones but all of them. Her music crosses genres, and even though the lyrics are somewhat juvenile, it transcends generations. Her lyrics speak about her child hood memories and then how they change as she gets older. A few times during the concert she said “You are all here because your my age or once were my age” reminding us that anyone can relate to her music. From her non traditional and trendy style, to her modest lighting, her some what strange dances on stage, she felt authentic.
The audience went crazy when she performed her hits “Team” and “Royals” and immediately all you could see was every smart phone in the air recording the performance. When Lorde continued and the crowd didn’t necessarily connect with a few of her tracks her confidence was so strong that it commanded attention. Her energy and style made...

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