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My reason for attending the concert was to support some of my colleagues who had invited me to see the concert, and I was not disappointed. Sir Edward Elgar's piece, The Dance, was a delightful piece. The piece began with the piano playing a quaint line of jumps which was immediately taken over by the female voices of the ensemble. When the higher voices came in, their timbre created the “dance”, both with the meter being established as a simple triple and by the melodic lines which were rhythmic and waltz like in nature. Then the male voices came in when the repeat of the opening theme occurred and at that point there were harmonies present but the overall texture was monophonic. Then there was a modulation into another tonal center which was emphasized by the polyphony that began to arise: the male voices singing short dance like note, while the female voices sung sustained notes on the top, and the voices would join up on the same melody leading into the climax of the section. In the middle of the piece there was smoother, calmer melody, monophonic with interaction occurring among the harmonies which clearly cut through with the distinction of colors of the lower and higher voices. Towards the ending of the piece there was a restatement of the playful theme between the males and females, reinforcing the idea of a young couple flirting or joking around while they are spinning around in a ball room. Throughout the entire song the piano was accompanying the concert choir, providing rhythms and harmonies similar to a waltz: light, dainty but firm, and preparatory arpeggios eased the listeners into the modulation changes.
The second piece I enjoyed was Morten Lauridsen's piece, Ubi Caritas et Amor. The piece featured the chamber ensemble which was a bit smaller than the opening concert choir ensemble. It began with the main theme being sung by the tenor voices, which was a legato and monophonic melody, chant like in its sound because of its syllabic pattern. After the tenor introduction, the rest of the ensemble joined in with more harmonic texture and melodic interplay. The sopranos took the main theme which resounded again in the tenors and then there was a slight alteration to the theme with the different voices participating in elides going from lowest to highest with voices building up to a minor climax in this part of the piece. About the midpoint of the piece, the words change and a new theme was presented with the entire choir singing this one melody. This second theme was more rhythmic than the first and it was possible to hear more harmonic interplay with the voices while they also took on polyphonic lines. The third theme showcased more of the lower tenors and basses with a new theme that sounded like bells ringing because of the rhythmic pattern and color the singers displayed for those few lines. The coda of the piece was filled with melismatic “amen's”, while the opening theme, “ubi cartias et amor”, resounded underneath it all....

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