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Concert Review On A College´S Opera Performance

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Eastern Washington University Department of Music presented a program of Opera works by Giacomo Puccini, Aron Copland, W.A. Mozart, John Dowland, Franz Shubert, Maurice Ravel, and Robert Schumann on Friday, March 7, 6:30 p.m., in the Music Building, Recital Hall. These Opera works were sung by Senior Recitalist, Alexandra Rannow.
The concert started off with Mi chiamano Mimi by Giacomo Puccini that was sung extraordinarily well by Alexandra Rannow who was accompanied by a pianist. Mi chiamano Mimi is in the first of four acts of Puccini’s La Boheme. This piece is meant to be sung with emotion and is supposed to make the listener feel what Mimi is trying to say and how she feels about it. ...view middle of the document...

It is also a perfect example of exoticism because while it is an opera in Italian, it takes place in Paris. This is an Italian opera so the voice is more important than the orchestra. Never in the performance did Alexandra’s voice become less than the orchestra. Her voice was always above and clearly heard. It wasn’t like the German opera she sang where her voice would sometimes be hidden by the piano and vice versa. For the German opera, her voice seemed to be on par with the piano.
One of the German pieces that was sung was Gretchen am Spinnrade by Franz Shubert. This lied is in rondo form (ABACADA). The dynamics sounded like they ranged from low to high so it was from piano to forte. This piece had a sense of direction and does not bring any surprises to the listener so it is tonal. It was also a consonant piece, there was not very much tension throughout the whole piece. Gretchen am Spinnrade is also a type of chamber music.
The program for this concert had the lyrics in their original language and it also had a translation. The lyrics for Gretchen am Spinnrade are interesting. It sounds like it is about a woman singing about her love for her boyfriend, husband, or lover because she misses him. The way Alexandra sang and hit those high notes really made you feel what the story wanted you to feel. The piano also made it that much more intense with emotions. The listener can definitely feel and tell what the woman behind the story is describing.
The most enjoyable piece after Puccini’s Mi chiamano Mimi was Deh vieni, non tardar by W.A. Mozart. This was a four act opera buffa and was from the classic opera period. Deh vieni non tardar is in AB form. One can tell because there are two sections and...

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