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Concerts Across Time Essay

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“My Maserati does 185, I lost my license now I don’t drive, I have a limo; ride in the back, I lock the doors incase I’m attacked.” (Joe, Walsh) I was young no older than six or seven, seated cross-legged on the floor of my father’s bedroom listening to him play his old scuffed up dark cheery wood acoustic guitar and sing the lyrics. I was clueless to what a Maserati was or why anyone would attack a limo, but I adored the way it sounded when it was sung over the smooth easy flowing guitar riffs. For me this was the point when my love of music developed listening to my father play his guitar and sing songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and some he wrote himself. This song always takes me back to those moments and the sense of warm enjoyment I felt listening to my father play. Music is a powerful tool that acts on the full scale of human emotions with the ability to, light up a dark day, or cloak a persons every thought with sorrow. The Baroque Era was the first period in history when the effects of music were realized, studied and implemented for use in early forms of marketing as emotion control over spectators. Many trends found in modern music can be traced back to the information learned and gathered during the Baroque period.
The section I chose from the Best of Baroque concert series performed at Tunxis Community College was performed live at a cyber café on campus for any and all to enjoy. This is the polar opposite from the Baroque era of music; concerts were limited to church services and wealthy patrons who had the means to support the arts. This concert focused on the music vs the musicians. The driving purpose of this performance is spreading music from the Baroque era to a group of the modern public. The music starts sharply and flows well with little repetition; the melody of the harpsichord and violin on the first song melt together painting my imagination with an image of a humming bird in flight changing direction seamlessly on a pin point, the same way the notes and rhythm adjust without hesitation or notice during the song. The second song a soloist performance by the harpsichordist I found less enjoyable. Observing the musician intently stare at the written music for the entirety of the recital took away from the entertainment value of a live performance. The coldness of the performers
A dark stage opens to a packed...

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