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Conch And Sows Head Symbolsim Essay

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At the start of the novel Golding displays the power oA lifeless conch and a sow's head two meanless objects that changed structured English school boys to savages in the matter of days. At the start of the novel Golding uses the conch to show the power of structure and civilization on the island. As the book goes on Golding shows the decline of the conch and the rise of the sow’s head. At the end of the book Golding displays full power to the sow’s head and complete loss of power to the conch . In Lord of the flies Golding uses symbolism via the conch and the sow’s head to show gradual loss of structure and the rise of savagery.
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Evidence the boys start to care less about civilization and more about killing is in chapter 3 when the boys leave the signal fire to hunt while a ship passes over them there for wrecking a chance to be rescued. The signal fire is the only thing that connects the boys to civilization and is there chance to go back to civilization but the boys choose to prioritize hunting over a chance to go home.
When Sam n Eric spread word about the beast is also another point when the conch’s power starts to decrease. Word of the beast strikes fear into all the boys giving Jack and his ideas of savagery power over the Ralph and his conch as his ideas are more comforting to the boys as he says he will kill the beast oppose to Ralphs calm that it does not exist. Evidence is slowly the boys join Jacks new tribe of hunters on the other side of the island. “Piggy wants ralph to blow conch but he will not because he is afraid they won't respond “
The sow’s head is Jack’s gift to the beast in return that the beast will not hurt them. “ This head is for the beast, it’s a gift” pg 151 The boys see the sow's head far more powerful than any shell. The boys feel safe on the island and can hunt again the result is the feast where Simon is taken for as the beast and killed where even Ralph and Piggy take part it.

Goldings destruction of the conch and piggy at once diminishes structure and brings total power to the sow’s head and savagery. Resulting in total anarchy on the...

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