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' Ding , Ding, Ding.' School had just ended. My butt had been just freed from the oppression of that chair for the rest of my life. Never again was I planning to sit down in Mr. Dicksons room again. But that was the least of my concerns. Because, today I couldn't wait to get riding on the Bike trails. These were old paths of a railroad track that had jumps built on them. By the time I got out to the bikeracks and met my friends, we were exhilerated. 'To the bike trails?' I asked.'to the bike trails' they replied. We had been going to the bike trails for weeks now. Every day we came back for another thrill. So, with haste we sped away from school. Our first stop was my house. ' going to the bike trails , Mom' I said while grabbing a box of little debbie snacks.'O.K., be home for supper' she said. This was in code it meant be home at five. Well who cares on to the second stop, Dons Deli.I went in and grabbed the usual. A pink lemonade Snapple and one of those huge pixie sticks. I got to the counter. 'The usual' the cashier said'Yup' I said realizing that this recognition was a product of the last few weeks.'That will be two dollars' she said. But that was needless because I had already left the money and was half way out the door. I mounted my bike and rode the steed while sucking down as much sugar as possible. We finally arrived at the bike trails. We then Infiltrated the left over food that we bought from Dons Deli. We were all on a sugar high, it's now time to ride. We did the usual. Had jump contests, fix jumps, and practiced new tricks. I had a good day, my jumps were perfect. And we would soon would move on to the hardest jump.... The big double. This jump was about three and a half to four feet high. And a proximately eleven feet long. Not only that, if you messed up their was a ditch in the middle. I jumped it at least ten times, missing trees on the landing every time. And because of this we decided to move it over.This process only used about an hour of precious jumping time. We had made the jump better than ever. I tried the jump first of course. We couldn't have made it any better. It was about five now. The day was ending so we decided it was time to time laps around the track. The usual lap was about thirty seconds. But I was thinking about changing that. So I left the starting position and pedaled as hard and as fast as I could. The first jump was...

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Microstructural Brain Injury in Post-Concussion Syndrome After Minor Head Injury

1194 words - 5 pages The article Microstructural Brain Injury in Post-Concussion Syndrome After Minor Head Injury, by ****, studied post concussive symptoms relationship with innovative MRI imaging. Mean diffusivity, fractional anisotropy, and the presence of microhaemorrhages were used to indicate micro-structural brain injury in subjects with minor head injuries. Although they experienced symptoms participants’ CT (computed tomography) and normal MR images did

Factors that Contribute to Concussion Issues Within the National Hockey League

1505 words - 6 pages I remember my head hurting, but not like a headache, more like a deep dull pain. I remember having blurry vision and wondered if I was going to be blind, I remember not being able to stand, and forgetting just about everything. Being a functional member of society became very difficult. I had a concussion for two and a half months, and I would be lying if I said it didn’t affect me to this day. My concussion was a one-time event and it took a

Shoulder Injuries are the Worst to Suffer Playing Professional football

1198 words - 5 pages A concussion is an injury suffered in the brain of an individual that can affect and alter a person’s ability to perform not only mentally, but physically as well. The New York Daily News reported on one of the best cases of how seriously the NFL is taking the issue on concussions, the recent lawsuit that they reached a “$765 million settlement reached between the two sides, 18,000 concussion suffers and the NFL” which states causes for untold

Dangers of Repeated Concussions

1077 words - 5 pages Acute consequence of concussion is a cascade of molecular changes in the brain that affect performance and increase vulnerability for repeat injury. Multiple repeat injuries can be long lasting and potentially debilitating. Prevention of single and repeat concussions should be the goal. Following a concussion, adequate time for physiological recovery must be allowed to prevent cumulative impairments. Wild bootstrap analysis detected significant

Concussions: Common Injury in Football

2288 words - 10 pages We as a society love the sport called football and demand a new season every year. Unfortunately, there is a cost to this demand. The cost is concussions. The concussion is an injury that causes brain damage. Football players are hit with mind numbing tackles almost every game. Safety is a huge issue in football because the skull and brain collide multiple times with force. Furthermore, many more problems are likely to arise later in life. One

Danger of Concussions

2408 words - 10 pages “Nationwide, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates about 3.8 million people suffer some kind of concussion while playing sports; approximately 10 percent of athletes in contact sports have one each season.” ( Many people believe that if an athlete, or someone who sustained a severe hit causing their neck to snap backward or forward from the force, does not show symptoms of a

Effects of Concussions in Youth Sports

946 words - 4 pages Everyone has heard about the so called “Concussion Epidemic” in the National Football League. The stories are everywhere from SportsCenter to local news stations. Concussions are when a person gets hit on the head or even somewhere else on the body and the brain slams into the skull due to the impact. If concussions are such a big deal in the pros, what does it mean for youth sports in America? Nearly 15 percent of all sports related injuries

The Danger of Sports Concussions

1769 words - 7 pages Due to the recent findings on concussion based injuries, chief bodies of sports associations from professional to organized sports should take all possible steps to protect athletes from the dangers of concussions sustained on the field of play using medical based assessments and time restrictions in returning to play too soon. The NFL has been pushing player safety more and more over the past couple years. Slowly but surely rules and

The Serious of Concussions from Sports

990 words - 4 pages A concussion is a common injury among athletes around the world. Concussions are serious injuries that should be treated with precaution and care. “A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that can cause long-term brain damage and diminish normal functioning” (Boriboon). Concussions occur primarily in sports with physical contact. Collisions occur often and it doesn’t always have to be with another player. According to the researcher


926 words - 4 pages concussion. According to the National Athletic Trainers' Association and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, concussions in athletes is becoming the most common injury found compared to some other sports related injury. In the past, if you got hit in the head really hard you went out till your headache went away then you went back in the game. Nobody back then realized how much damage that hard hit to the head really did to you, or how long you

Cognitive Consequences of Pediatric Sports-Related Concussions

3085 words - 13 pages Results: The results of this research review provide the most current information in regards to pediatric concussion and neurological and cognitive consequences. These results support the working hypothesis that the cognitive consequences of pediatric sports-related concussions do not outweigh the benefits associated with childhood sports participation. In a cohort study (total n=200), investigators looked at return to cognitive baseline

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Concussion Education And Prevention Essay

2020 words - 9 pages A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that alters the way the brain functions. Effects are usually temporary, but can include problems with headache, concentration, memory, judgment, balance and coordination. (Mayo Clinic Staff.). A concussion occurs with a jolt or blow to the head, the brain is bounced around and may make contact with the hard skull. Essentially causing a bruise on the brain. This "bouncing around" can cause an alteration

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1053 words - 5 pages The Concussion Epidemic This cartoon illustrates a football coach during a game giving positive feedback to a player who has knocked out the brain of another player. The brain is seen bouncing across the playing field while the rest of the players evoke no emotion while the assistant coach gives a worried look yet says nothing. Recently throughout the past years concussions have been getting the attention of healthcare providers and the media

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633 words - 3 pages A Concussion is No Laughing Matter It’s something we see it in cartoons all the time; one character gets bonked on the head and stars are suddenly floating in the air with the cartoon having a dazed look. However, only seconds later the cartoon is back up and back in action. This may seem funny on the latest saga of Tom and Jerry or Coyote and Roadrunner, but it’s not so funny in real life. Seeing stars, feeling dazed, and losing

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2450 words - 10 pages understand exactly what a concussion is. A concussion is a minor traumatic brain injury that jars or shakes the brain inside the skull. Severe concussions can cause loss of consciousness and/or forgetfulness. However, you do not need to lose consciousness to have a concussion. Minor concussions usually cause headache, nausea, dizziness, and tiredness. An NFL study showed that most concussions occur when one player delivered a hit to the side of the head