Concussions: Common Injury In Football Essay

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We as a society love the sport called football and demand a new season every year. Unfortunately, there is a cost to this demand. The cost is concussions. The concussion is an injury that causes brain damage. Football players are hit with mind numbing tackles almost every game. Safety is a huge issue in football because the skull and brain collide multiple times with force. Furthermore, many more problems are likely to arise later in life. One is called by the name of Parkinson’s Disease. Athletes, especially in football, are very susceptible to this injury.
Concussion is a traumatically induced physiological disruption of brain function that can be caused either by a direct blow to the head or by indirect impulsive forces transmitted to the head. The current standard of treatment for sport-related concussion is physical and cognitive rest until the athlete is asymptomatic, with a stepwise approach to rehabilitation prior to return to play. The applicability of this approach to children and adolescents is not clear, as neuropsychological impairment in this group is known to lag behind recovery of symptoms. (Johnson, 2011)
The National Football League and NCAA are attempting to fix the issue of concussions through rules and regulations. These rules are geared towards protecting the head and helmet area of players. The big issue regarding concussions is the athlete’s attitude toward the concussion. Football players, especially those in high school, do not take symptoms of concussions seriously. They would rather finish the game than worry about their well-being. Coaches, parents, and sports advocates need to educate players at a young age that a game is not worth the risk of permanent damage to their brains. Teams also need to be well educated on how to directly treat and evaluate a concussion. When a hard hit to the head occurs players need rest and coaches should understand that. Coaches need to make sure players are at their absolute 100% before entering a game after a big hit. If players are expressing symptoms of a concussion, they should be sidelined immediately to prevent additional injuries.
These precautions can be dealt with properly by having a registered physical therapist on the field.
Retired NFL quarterback Chris Miller experienced his first concussion while playing football in college. He was knocked out of bounds and flew headfirst into equipment storage bins on the sideline. He got up and walked back to the huddle. The wrong huddle. Miller was confused, an effect of the concussion. (Boriboon, 2013)
Chris Miller simply shows how dangerous the sport of football is and why player security needs to be most important. Red flags need to be raised. Children are actually dying from lack of attention after suffering concussions. This is because coaches are not properly educated about how to deal with concussions and other head related injuries. These concussions have caused controversy around the country and resulted...

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