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Concussions Are The Worst Type Of Injury To Suffer Playing Professional Football

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A concussion is an injury suffered in the brain of an individual that can affect and alter a person’s ability to perform not only mentally, but physically as well. The New York Daily News reported on one of the finest cases of how serious the NFL is taking the issue on concussions, the current lawsuit that reached a “$765 million settlement reached between the two sides, 18,000 concussion suffer and the NFL” which states causes for important untold information the NFL refused to report to players about the prospective dangers concussions had for their long-term health, though this was later shot down by a federal judge claiming that it was insufficient sum. An NFL player may succumb from thousands of hits to the head playing football all which have the potential to be concussion inducing. The deteriorating state of some of their minds have led to some former NFL players committing suicide from the tragic concussions they suffered as a result of playing professional football.
Not every injury, though can be directly compared to a concussion though, as the brain is a truly unique part of your body to which cannot be directly associated with a number of other injuries to which you may commonly see. The most common type of injuries can be broken down into three major categories, muscle, bone and ligament, all of which can lay claim as horrible injuries in the outlook of a player’s career, though normally has little effect on an athlete’s ability to function as a regular human being. A bone injury is one you are often to see as a high speed, high force collision more likely to be seen on skill positions such wide receivers or cornerbacks. The worst type of bone injury is in almost all cases a break; a break results from one bone breaking, typically in half, into two or more pieces. In worst cases the bone may need to be re-constructed together with surgery, these will likely result in a player’s season being over as it will take possibly months for the bone to repair itself. Some other serious injuries associated with your bones could be a sprain, dislocations, and fracture injury. A bone injury though can likely be seen as the worst towards a player’s career as the most common bone injuries can take a long recovery along with physical therapy. A muscle injury is an injury where a muscle in the body is damaged as a result of force being applied to or away from the muscle as to cause damage to the muscle. The worst type of injury you are likely to suffer here is to tear a muscle off the bone it is connected to. This would consequentially in surgery having to reattach the muscle to the bone with a lot of physical therapy accompanied with a lot of healing time. Some other injuries that you may commonly see a professional football player suffer during a normal NFL season would be contusions and strains both of which can cause a player to miss a good portion of the season.
The last and also one of the most dangerous types of injuries to...

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