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Millions of people are registered throughout North America for participation in Canada’s national sport and pastime, ice hockey. Most young hockey players have the dream of making it to the National Hockey League (NHL). Because of this incentive to keep striving towards their ultimate goal in their hockey career, they idolize the players in the NHL. Therefore, youth players may obtain certain habits from the elite, whether those habits are good or bad. Some cases are of bad influences, such as young players obtaining the dirty playing habits of the professionals. The primary action that influences the youthful population is body checking. With the thought of losing a game, it is no wonder why players have the urge to play rough and potentially hurt the opposing team in order to be victorious. For that reason, hockey is a strong collision sport that requires great skill and motivation. Although body checking is believed to be a useful tool in the winning of hockey games, it can be the cause that leads to injury among players. Because of the rougher play, lasting brain injuries are becoming a worry and too many players are exposed to the lasting effects of the head injury. According to Michael Cusimano July 22, 2003 the article entitled “Body Checking and Concussions” states, “With the rising incidence of traumatic brain injury in hockey, too many players are exposed to the lasting effects of such injuries, some of which are not fully realized until the brain completes its maturation.” For this reason, new equipment and regulations need to be devised for use in the near future.
The future of hockey protective equipment is closer than originally thought. New helmets and equipment designs aid in the protection of all skill levels of hockey players. Whether helmets get tougher, mouth pieces get softer, or even a newly engineered piece of equipment is introduced, players are rapidly becoming safer while playing the game they live for. On the word of Blaine Hoshizaki March 8, 2011 in the local news article entitled “Ottawa Researcher Rethinks Hockey Helmet,”” Most concussions occur when there is a hit to the head that turns the head at the same time, various design factors make current helmets ill suited to protecting players against this type of hit, including helmet shape.” As Hoshizaki stated previously, a hockey helmet’s basic shape is the shape of the player’s head. The problem primary problem with the shape is in accordance with players being directly hit by a forceful object, such as an elbow or even the hockey puck. Modern hockey helmets are designed with impact in mind; Meaning, helmets are not meant to withstand major blows from a body check, which physically move the receiving player’s head in a certain direction of which makes the brain collide with the inside of the skull. The reasoning behind Hoshizaki’s research is to maintain safety as well as effectiveness in player equipment.
A mouth is the most overlooked item while a...

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