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Concussions In Pro Sports Essay

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Today, there are thousands of people who play sports with a huge risk of severe injuries such as concussions. This is a major problem in most sports mainly being football. This is mainly because of either the lack of protection or lack of rules. I believe that there should be more rules or protection to prevent concussions. The main problem is that there are too many kids and adults becoming severely injured because of lack of awareness for concussions. Many of solutions have been tried but that usually only lowers the amount of injuries by a small percentage. A solution to this problem could be to increase the awareness for concussions by creating more rules in professional sports. The amount of concussions need to be lowered.
To many people play sports with concussions. This can cause serious brain trauma (Infohio). Many sports players play with concussions. According to Ken Belson of The New York Times, in his article entitled Study Suggests That Some Football Helmets Are More Protective, this is a major problem because these people are at most risk for concussions and serious brain damage that can lead to suicidal thoughts. There needs to be more precautions before we let people with injuries play. Another injury that is very bad is a neck injury. This injury can cause parts of the body to be paralyzed.

This topic has been discussed by many representatives of the NFL. Some think that taking away some of the rules in football will ruin the game. This will change the game but it will not ruin it. It will make the game better because there will not be as many injuries. Players will not get hurt as much. A rule that could be implemented is the no low tackles. This will create less players landing on their heads. Studies have shown that better helmets with more protection can lower the amount of concussions (according to Loren Grush of Fox...

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