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Concussions In The Nfl Essay

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“Dying to Play” an article by Kevin Cook, is about stopping concussions in the N.F.L. But anything that involves contact, or physical activity will result in injury. The N.F.L does have many injuries, so does every sport, not just the N.F.L. which is in the spotlight. whats popular in the media tends to get bashed on and criticized. In “Dying to Play”, Cook states that brain injury, is a growing problem in football. Cook starts off saying a player; collided with a teammate and broke his neck. that its a reminder that makes the N.F.L. notice head injuries, are very serious. before that “the N.F.L. donated $30 million to the National Institutes of Health for research on brain injuries” states ...view middle of the document...

to return to the game after being concussed, should the N.F.L be babysitters? No players know about injuries and continue to play, Cook tends to take the attention away from players, and point at the N.F.L. The players know what they are getting their selves into, they see injuries everyday but the pays worth it for them. The N.F.L. have taken precautions on injuries, because of injuries in the past, and lawsuits. Every sport has a chance of injury and the players love to play, its their career and they love it. Why do you only hear about pro football; because its in the spotlight in the USA.
Dying to Play by Kevin Cook, the author of “The Last Headbangers”. Cook states “the National Football League seems finally ready to acknowledge: all that on-field head banging is taking a serious toll”. he says that the N.F.L. needs to try and solve the problem of head injuries, and concussions in the N.F.L. But yet informs you the N.F.L. donated $30 million to the National Institutes of health to support research on brain injuries, because of many studies done on retired pro football players. who have filed “lawsuits that players have not been informed about the dangers” said Cook. but they are adults who have seen others have injuries, and know the possibilities of injury.
In addition the N.F.L. does try to stop this problem, they have many doctors, health screens, tests, and requirements when it comes to concussions. They have donated 30 million dollars to the National Institutes of Health. to research on these brain injuries, because they want to know about brain injuries. and how to stop or prevent them; In 2005 the Mild Traumatic Brain Committee, of the N.F.L. found “that returning to play, after a concussion doesn't add risk of a second injury. if its in the same game or later in the season.” that shows the N.F.L. is doing research, and some things you hear are not facts.
Referee Walt Anderson said “When a player loses his helmet, the play is immediately stopped. And during field-goal and extra-point attempts, the defense cant have a player directly across the center, who is considered defenseless.” Anderson was interviewed about this in 2010, Robaire Smith a defensive lineman told the newspaper regarding if rules where changed, “Don't...

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