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Condom Distribution Essay

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Condom Distribution
In 1995, around 400 schools in the United States started a new program for distributing condoms in high school and it is proven to be a positive asset to secondary students. “Four million adolescents contract an STD each year” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). How can we reduce these numbers? I believe distributing condoms in each high school would drop these numbers dramatically. Not only is it going to help prevent pregnancies, STDs and abortion it would make the students feel better that they have protection and are having safer sex. I feel that if condoms were given out it would help tremendously with these problems. Condom distribution in high schools ...view middle of the document...

“New estimates show that there are about 20 million new infections in the United States each year” (Do Something). With teens becoming more sexually active this raises the likeliness of a teen being exposed to a sexually transmitted disease. “46% of American high school students have had sexual intercourse and potentially are at risk for the HIV infection and other STDs” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Many people can argue that the distribution of condoms in schools will influence the teen population to partake in sexual activities, which isn’t the case. Condom distribution is solely to protect this generation from unwanted pregnancies, being exposed to STDs and the many troubles of becoming a teen parent. I whole heartily believe that each teen should be open to a safe route if they choose to become sexually active. The prevention of STDs should be taken more seriously.
Another major concern is the alarming number of teens having abortions or becoming single parents. Being a teenager is stressful enough, let alone raising another human being. Nearly half of pregnancies in American woman are unintended and about 5 out of 10 ended up in abortion. “Twenty-two of all U.S. pregnancies end in abortion” (About 73).On the contrary, schools won’t just be handing out condoms without a proper discussion about sex education and sex practices. Everything would be up to the parent’s decision if they would participate in that or not.
In conclusion, to help lower the cases of teen pregnancies, STDs, and abortion rates, giving out condoms to students will help significantly. They aren’t only going to prevent these cases but...

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