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Condom Distribution In Schools Condones Promiscuity And Increase Pregnancy Rates

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Tuesday, January 7,1997 CONDOM DISTRIBUTION IN SCHOOLS CONDONESPROMISCUITY AND INCREASES TEEN PREGNANCIESA majority of high schools in the United States do not distribute condoms to students.Those few schools that do provide condoms state their reason that in doing so, they will safelydecrease the number of teen pregnancies and cases of sexually transmitted diseases. But ifstudents are exposed to condom distribution, they will get the idea that premarital sex is okay,and will do it without consideration. Statistics showing the condom failure rate turn the belief ofreducing teen pregnancies around. Distributing condoms in schools condones promiscuity andincreases teen pregnancies.Condoms were invented to provide a barrier for protection against pregnancy andsexually transmitted diseases. Since then, other forms of birth control have been introduced andproven more reliable than condoms. Depo-Provera, "The Pill", and Norplant are such methods.Every day, sex education classes promote condoms as means of safe sex or a least safer sex. Butresearch on condoms provides no such guarantee. Texas researcher Susan Weller reports thatcondoms are only 87 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. Condoms do appear to beeffective in preventing pregnancy when used "correctly and consistently". Most individuals,however, do not use them "correctly and consistently". In a municipal hospital family planningclinic, 36 percent of 106 people experienced condom breakage, and five percent of the women'sunplanned pregnancies were attributed to broken condoms. A high school student cannot affordthe risk of becoming pregnant.The Catholic Church states that sex exists for means of expressing love between twopeople and creation only, and frowns upon premarital sex or sexual intercourse without using acontraceptives. Catholic values state that abstinence should be practived and is the safestmethod of birth control there is.Sexual promiscuity should not be taken as lightly as it is. Movies, songs, and televisiongive messages that sexual promiscuity is "cool and...

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