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Condoms Essay

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Why people do not use condoms

Many men and women prefer unprotected intercourse or using another contraceptive method rather than using a condom. Among currently married women of reproductive age, only 5 percent use condoms for contraception worldwide, and only 3 percent in less developed regions of the world, according to United Nations estimates of contraceptive use. In this chapter we a re going to analyze or try to explain why some people don’t use condoms. In order to do this, we used some theory of the book ‘Social Psychology’ (7th edition) by David G. Meyers. Also we used much information that we got from the internet.
In the above mentioned book, they explained that each construes the human skin as a special boundary that separates one set of casual forces from another. On the sunny side of the epidermis are the external or situational forces that press inward upon the person, and on the meaty side are the internal or personal forces that exert pressure outward. Sometimes these forces press in conjunction, sometimes in opposition, and their dynamic interplay manifest itself as observable behavior.
In the figure below you can see a figure which explains Harold Kelly’s theory of attribution.

Through the figure above, you can conclude yourself whether the following reasons are internal or external attribution. In addition we divided the causes in two parts. The first one is the reasons of the people in the developed countries and the second part is about the reason of the people in the developing countries.
Developed Countries

The most frequent reasons people in the developed countries give for not using a condom relate to the following issues: lack of sensation or interrupted sexual pleasure; psychological and social factors, including couple communication and assumptions that condoms are for use in extramarital relationships and with prostitutes; lack of availability of condoms, including policies that prohibit condom distribution to youth; and lack of confidence in the reliability of condoms themselves. To make condoms more acceptable and more widely used, all of these issues should be addressed.
Factors affecting the acceptability of condoms can be thought of as a series of concentric circles that interact with each other -- from the individual at the center to the couple, the health-care system, the community and the entire world. An individual's knowledge, attitudes, habits, perceptions, awareness of the need and other internalized factors are critical to condom use. But what forms those belief systems and determines individual behavior? The dynamics between sexual partners play a crucial role and depend on many factors, such as whether sex is with a regular partner or not, whether the couple talks about sex and protection against disease and unwanted pregnancy, and whether sex is voluntary for both parties.
At the community level, many programmatic issues are involved, from counseling in health-care systems to condom...

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