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Condoms In High Schools Essay

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Condoms Should Be Distributed In Schools'More than half of American teenagers have had sexual intercourse and face significant sexual health risks. Each year, over one million teenagers become pregnant, one in seven teenagers contract an STD, and one in five hundred students on collage campuses are infected with HIV.'-The National Coalition To Support Sexuality Education The coalition above is made up of over 50 organizations. Many of these organizations are well noted as role models in today's society. The quote shows why there needs to be condom availability in schools. Children are having sex earlier that ever, babies are having babies, and worst of all people are dying. Students are embarrassed to go buy condoms, they are too expensive, or they do not know where to buy them. Many people dispute distributing condoms in the school. Sexually active teens are at the highest risk for contracting HIV. We must provide children with condoms if we want to protect society from this disease called AIDS. The HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report shows that from July 1993 to June 1994 there was 439 AIDS cases in 13 to 19 year old. 52 percent contracted the virus from unprotected sex, 47 percent were girls having unprotected sex. The report also shows that there were 844 20 to 24 year olds that developed AIDS in the same time period, 62 percent were from unprotected sex, and 51 percent were woman who have had unprotected sex. AIDS can lay dormant from anywhere between two to ten years, even longer. Given that statistic, most of the subjects in the older age group were infected in high school. Even worse, the subjects in the younger age group were infected as early as grade school. Many parents think that providing condoms to students will give them an excuse to go out and have sex. That is one of the most ridiculous arguments. The nurse provides band-aids, and kids are not going to cut them selves just because they can get one. People have a misconception about distributing condoms. I believe that some parents think that condoms are given to every student weekly in homeroom, or something like that. The program just makes them available so if a student needs one they can get one. The program that was in effect at New York City schools said that students can get condoms without parental consent. A vote by parents and teachers overturned it. Now, students have to have their parents sign a consent form so their son or daughter can pickup a condom at school. As a student this bothers me greatly, high school students are constantly being told to grow up, mature, or anything else like that. When they finally do something mature, taking responsibility and using a condom, the adults make it even harder to do. Some students who took advantage of the policy now are no longer able to because their parents would not sign the consent form. These same parents, most definitely, would not give their children condoms themselves. The whole concept...

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