Condoms, The Pill,Emergency Contraception (Morning After Pill). All Explained As Well As An Answer To What Options 'alice' Has To Do, She Thinks She Is Pregent

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1. Alice has one of the following options;1. Wait and see if her period is just late.2. Get a Blood test done, from the doctors.3. Have an abortion.4. Put it up for adoption.5. Keep The Child.2. The advantages are the following;1. At a young age her period could not be totally regular yet, which could mean when she is waiting for the period is may not happen for another few weeks.2. Getting a Blood test is good because the home test could be incorrect and the blood test is accurate, and then the doctor may be able to help her some more with discussing her options.3. Abortion is good if she won't be able to take care of the baby if A) her boyfriend does not give needed support, B) She will be at school all day, C) if she works she won't have much time left in her day for the baby.4. Adoption is also another choice she has, because she could have the child and then place it in an Adoption Clinic waiting for a family.5 .have the child and have a happy life with her new born.Disadvantages are as follows;1. Her period may be regular and she will know if something is wrong because she will not have it.2. There is no disadvantage to this option.3. Abortion is bad because she will have to live the rest of her life with knowing she has killed this life of an un-born child.4. Adoption is also not very good due to she might in a few years want to know her child but might be un-able to find out information about the child.5. Having the child will rune her social life, due to she will be looking after the baby most of her time.3. Some of the reason's are;1. That they think that they won't get pregnant,2. They will be to drunk to realise what is going on,3. They could also not have the protection on them...

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