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Running Head: DOING BUSINESS IN OTHER CULTURESDoing Business In Other CulturesDoing Business In Other CulturesIntroductionThe evolution of the business has played a vital role in the progress of this world. Without it, one cannot imagine the condition faced by the world will be beyond repair. A business also known as firm or an enterprise is a lawfully acknowledged organizational entity intended to make available supplies and/or services to customers or business entities such as governments, charities or additional businesses. Businesses are principal in entrepreneurial economic system, most of them owned and formed behind the closed doors to generate revenue increasing the wealth of owners.DiscussionThe function of business has been varying throughout the centuries. All the way through the survival of share holding organizations there have been different theories concerning the responsibility of business. Organizations too have changed their purpose to accommodate to resourcefulness, working capital and social insistences. Since the contemporary corporations exemplify to be multi-proportional.It is always difficult to communicate with aliens or outsiders. Majority of people today are scared to death while talking to a newer person particularly because they are not used to it and tend to avoid it. It is easy to avoid a person but for the business scenario, the picture is opposite. In business, communicating with the stranger can be a key factor and is impossible to avoid (Charlene, Michael; 2009). A person or organization doing business outside their cultural groups there is a need to get in depth analysis of the culture and tradition prior to the launch of business. It is not necessary that the local organization do business outside, as it could be the other way round. Before heading off to other countries and culture one must be aware of the following and must practice it before heading out (Danielle, Thomas, Joerg, Terence; 2003). Firstly, maintain your composure and develop patience within yourself, as it is the perquisite in establishing relationship and building trust. Countries trading with others need more time to get use to the culture and the traditions build trust. Secondly, be polite and speak slowly, more than the actual practice. If a person is speaking at a louder tone, the person listening to him may not understand. Also, do not keep your voice as low as they are unable to get a word in their ears. Do not use complex words such as buzzwords, idioms, lingo, and jargon and avoid slang language. Keep it simple so that the other person has no problem in understanding. Organize spokesperson for yourself; make sure he...

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